The Bubble Tea Cofee Shop

Park Jin and Min Lu have been friends since Jin moved to Hong Kong. After going out for an audition at SM and getting though, they are sent round the world and make a few famous friends on the way to the top of the Charts.


1. The Call That Started it All

It was an avarage Saturday morning in Hong Kong. The late-Spring sunshine hit my windows. People were walking down the streets, as always. I got out of my window-side bed to see if my roommate Min had woken up yet. To my surprise she was awake. Her usually made bed was messy and jumbled. I put my feet into my new fluffy slippers and walked out of the bedroom. I could smell the farmillier smell of congee and tea. As I walked down the stairs, I could see she wasn't alone. Min's kitten Miyah was there, eyeing up the full bowl of Congee in her hand.
"Is there any left for me?" I shouted down the stairs. She looked up at the stairs. Her mouth was stuffed with congee. I could also see she had a banana in her hand. She put her hand over her mouth.
"Sorry!" She said, her voice muffled. I rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen. I got some cooked chicken from last night and some rice noodles and put then in the microwave. As the microwave began to hum my phone rang. I picked up my Domo-caseed phone to check who it is.
"Who is is?" Min asked noisily. I looked at her and mother "it's someone from Korea. I can tell by the number." I picked up the call and politely said "yeoboseyo." The person on the other line replied "Hello is this Park Jin or Lu Min." I quickly answered "This is Jin Park." The man on the other side said in a calm voice "This is the vice presedent at SM Entertainment, I am happy to report that both of your auditions have been successful. We will contact you in the next few weeks to give you notice about where you will be moving." Min looked at me surprised. I was about to answer him when he hung up. I slowly turned towards Min. She looked exactly how I pictured her- shell shocked .
" in? We got in." I said shocked. We looked at each other. As it sank in we became more excited. Suddenly we both jumped on our sofas screaming.
"Shut up! I'm trying to sleep here!' Out nextdoor neighbour shouted through the wals. We didn't care. There was a knock at the door. We abruptly stopped jumping. I jumped off the sofa and opened the door. Our best friend Jay was outside with a letter in his hand. He seemed shocked. I smiled at him and said chirpily "Hey, come in!" He walked in. He saw the trashed sofa and the untouched chicken and rice noodles.
"I'm guessing you got in?" He said half-heartily. I nodded my head. He gave me a tiny smiled and said
"Well, I'll see you there then." We ran up to him and gave him a giant hug. But a tiny part of me wasn't happy about getting to become a Korean idol with my best friends, I was more excited to see some of my musical inspirations. I knew that the Korean media can be harsh and that scandals can occur at any time, but I was ready for whatever they hit me with. I told myself that I wouldn't change myself for anyone, and that I'd be as honest as possible.
I know that dating is hard, and I will have to work crazy hours, but to become as inspirational as my biases would make me the happiest person alive.
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