This is random poetries, composed by me. I am not going to tell you what they're about, you decide yourselves. These are my own thoughts about a randomized subject.
As for "Rating", I'll let it stay Green for now, as I am not sure if I'm going to put up mature content yet.


1. #1


I'm saying this hoping I dare

I know who you are yet I do not care


You're the Devil yet we are friends

And that will count till the world here ends


You do not care for gender nor looks

You're not as bad as they say in the books


On your sorrows they all feast

I do not see why they call you a beast


I enjoy your company again and again

I do not care what you did back then


You should not go around and play pretend

When they point fingers it's you I will defend


You will always be in my heart

And they can never tear us apart


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