Can You Keep A Secret?

My first Movella.
Entry for the Speechless contest.


1. Can you keep a secret?


Can you keep a secret? You must never tell Never a word to anyone nor a whisper in the wind. Take it to your grave Not a soul - living or dead - must ever know. A secret so heavy - deadly - is a burden to carry Alone makes it unbearable and horribly impossible. A secret to keep is a secret to be kept. Do not break the promise Keep the vow of silence.   Can you keep a secret? It's not so simple a task. Imagine Atlas, The weight of the whole world on his shoulders A secret can weigh a thousand more so. It's a burden you'll carry everyday up until the end. When you say you'll keep a secret, then you'd better 'Cause there's a reason it's called a "secret" And when the reason turns deadly, you'd wish you never had to know.   Can you keep a secret? Tell me you can.   Can you keep a secret? Keep mine.
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