How to Clean your Unicorn!

Instructions on how to care your unicorn! (C)


10. Unicorn Horror Films

OK, I am EXHAUSTED! And you know why? Because my Unicorn stayed up to 2AM last night watching a horror film. (Without me knowing, obviously.) And then at 3AM-

'RRRRRRREEEETETTTCCVCBCNMAKHSDNA!!!!!!!!!!' (That's the sound a unicorn makes when it has seen something scary.)

It poured out the WHOLE story about the horror film. When I asked what it was that was scaring it the most, it said it didn't want to talk about it, but that it was something that happened to the main character at the end. So I suggested it DRAW what was scaring it and look what it gave me;






Now, my Unicorn was watching a; 'UNICORN Horror film,' (which it downloaded from Netflix on it's ipad,) Unicorn Horror Films, to you and me, are no big deal, but to a UNICORN-they could SCARE THE HORN OF THEM!!!!!!

So this is just a warning, don't EVER let your unicorn watch a unicorn Horror Film!!! Or you'll end up like me,


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