How to Clean your Unicorn!

Instructions on how to care your unicorn! (C)


12. Unicorn Dental care

This is the problem with unicorns... they are totally NOT independent. Everything must be done for them! They are lazy little...... BUGERS!!!! They just lie around on their lazy ass all day and expect us, the loving, caring, adoring parents, to do EVERYTHING!!!! Even things like brushing their teeth! I know a lot of you are new owners, so here is how to brush your unicorns teeth!

STEP 1: One must get oneself a unicorn toothbrush. You can easily find one at your local unicorn pharmacy.

STEP 2: Dig around in your cupboards and look for the special unicorn toothpaste. Now, it MUST be rainbow flavoured, or else your unicorn will refuse to brush their teeth.

STEP 4:  I skipped a number didn't I? Sorry let me try again...

STEP 3: Drag your unicorn to the bathroom and tie it down to the toilet seat.





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