How to Clean your Unicorn!

Instructions on how to care your unicorn! (C)



Hey Guys! Unfortunately T.Byrne has decided to quit writing this movella. :(     So I'm on the hunt for a new co-author! So the only fair way to do this is to have a competition!!! Similar to the last time, the task to write a short paragraph on 'How to look after new-born unicorns'. The person who comes up with the most creative paragraph will be declared the winner! I just have a few rules...

1. You must have been on movellas for AT LEAST 4 months.

2. This is a child friendly movella so please try not to swear in your paragraph or it will be disqualified!!!

and finally...

3. Please become a fan of me so if you win I can invite you. Unfan me after if you please, but this is just so if you win then I can invite you to write!

Anyway, that's all the rule and you have 1 WEEK so get writing! Good luck!!!

C x


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