The mysterious guy from my dreams

susannah simon always have the same nightmare minute,she is in a charming boy"s hands,and next,the buy pulled out a knife ready to kill her.just as when he is about to kill her,she woke up .one day at night,when she is walking home from a party,she saw a stalker.when she look into the boys face,he was the guy from her dreams!!!!!would susannah escape death or would she let the nightmare take place for real???


5. saved

when susannah woke up,she was in a hospital,she asked the nurse what had happened and the nurse replied saying that a passer by walked past her class and found her lying on the floor with a penknifestabbed in her stomach.the nurse said that susannah was very lucky to be alive.when she was leaving that time ,she passed susannah a letter,saying that the passer by found it on her hand.susannah read it and it says:

dear susannah,

i am actually "the mysterious boy"in your you believe in recarnation,well,when i met you at titanic,we fell in love at first sight and when the ship was sinking,you drowned but i didnt as a spirit made me survive and made me live forever.the underworld king allowed me to find you in the world.when isaw you i immediately knew it was you.i just knew it was you,your smile,your hairstyle,everything about sory for giving you nightmares as the sender who sent it had a mistake it was actually supposed to be a dream about me and you when we were in the titanic,all those good time that we had before the titanic hitted the iceberg.when i say you stabbed yourself,sadness and guiltyness rushed through me as i thought i did this to you.i wrote this when im slowly melting to ash after you stabbed yourself.i pleaded the underworld king to let you live again thos time but torture me now,here i am ,slowly melting torture,but i know all these was worth the while as every moment spent with ypu was worth it......

please do not forget me,


forever loving you,


susannah wept when she read this,she knew that she would never forget justin,never,she suddenly remembered all the time she spent with justin,making her smile.she knew that she wasnt gonna be in a relationship again,ever again......

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