The mysterious guy from my dreams

susannah simon always have the same nightmare minute,she is in a charming boy"s hands,and next,the buy pulled out a knife ready to kill her.just as when he is about to kill her,she woke up .one day at night,when she is walking home from a party,she saw a stalker.when she look into the boys face,he was the guy from her dreams!!!!!would susannah escape death or would she let the nightmare take place for real???


1. nightmare

"AHHHH"SUSANNAH screamed.she woke up with sweat trickling down her face.susannah have the same nightmare minute she would be in a charming,gorgous and handsome guy's hand,but the next minute the guy would pull out a knife ready to stab her and thats when she would wake up screaming.everytime she woke up,she would have a feeling of de javu.susannah then brush her teeth,comb her hair,apply some of her mascara,eat her breakfast and get ready for school.when she reached school,her friends,cee cee and adam would be waiting for her everyday at the main entrance.'what happen to you?you look pale.'Adam asked.'same dream'susannah replied.adam and cee cee immediately understood what she meant.susannah had once told them what she dream of but it was getting worse everynight.when three of them walked into the classroom,the bell wayn then came in.he was their math teacher and begin teaching them some solution to the math problem sums that he gave passed fairly quickly.when susannah was about to walk out of the school,cee cee asked,'hey wanna come to my house for a party tonight?i practically invited the whole class to maybe you both wanna come'adam immediately nodded and susannah hesitated before nodding my head.'but remember,please here by 7.00pm and please BE PUNCTUAL'she said .cee cee always make it a point to be punctual.both susannah and adam rolled their eyes and nodded.

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