The mysterious guy from my dreams

susannah simon always have the same nightmare minute,she is in a charming boy"s hands,and next,the buy pulled out a knife ready to kill her.just as when he is about to kill her,she woke up .one day at night,when she is walking home from a party,she saw a stalker.when she look into the boys face,he was the guy from her dreams!!!!!would susannah escape death or would she let the nightmare take place for real???


3. mysterious stalker

as it was quite late,susannah decided to take the shortcut home.she then turned and walk towards a black alley.when she was walking,susannah felt like there was a presance behind seemed really sinsister.susannah let her thought vanish by saying it was just her imagination.but when she was turning left, a hand suddenly covered her mouth preventing her from screaming and dragged her to another deserted valley.when he let go of her,susannah shouted'who are you?let go of me!'she yelled but to no avail,that guy didnt response.but when he faced her,she saw his face,it was his face,the guy in the dreams!!!!!!fear then strucked susannah and goosebumps began to appear.the guy sensed her fear and said'dont worry,i wont hurt you,just do what i say and i wont huirt you and the people around you''wait,did he said that he wont hurt the people around me?'susannah thought.she could never let that happen so she had to follow his instructions.'what do you want?'susannah ask,'i want you to go to the underworld with me'he replied.'what are you insane??!!'susannah shouted.'well,no way!!'susannah shouted as she broke free of his grip and ran away.'well,lets see who has the last laugh!'he said laughing.susannah ran home thinking about the last sentence he said.

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