The mysterious guy from my dreams

susannah simon always have the same nightmare minute,she is in a charming boy"s hands,and next,the buy pulled out a knife ready to kill her.just as when he is about to kill her,she woke up .one day at night,when she is walking home from a party,she saw a stalker.when she look into the boys face,he was the guy from her dreams!!!!!would susannah escape death or would she let the nightmare take place for real???


4. mess at the classroom

when susannahgot home,she took a long shower thinking what that guy had just said'lets see who have the last laugh,lets see who have the last laugh'susannah couldnt stop thinking about it and wondered what tricks that guy have up his sleeve.when susannah got to school the next morning,she saw the classroom in a wreck,the tables were overturn,and there was no one.'cee cee,adam!'she shouted.susannah then saw one movement,she turned around amd saw him,the mysterious guy grining,'like what i did to your classroom?'he asked.she then shouted at him'where is my friends?!where is everyone?!'shouted susannah with tears streaming down her face.'well,dont cry,i told you you would regret it if you turned my offer down'he replied.susannah then thought of one quote that left a deep impression on her'the most important thing to you could hurt you the most'she thought what that means and why is she thinking about that at this time when it struck her,if the mysterious guy wanted herto go to the underworld with him,then she must mean very important to she knew that she had the power to destroy him.but how?she kept asking herself,if she can destroy him and all the spells would be broken and she could save everyone.susannah then thought of an example to try to understand it better.her phone was very important to her so when it is destroyed,it would make her cry for days.thats when she knew how to destroy the mysterious guy.if she was just like her phone and destroyed herself,she would also destroy him.;are you listening??!!'he shouted pulling susannah out of her thoughts.he then rambled on and on that whats going to happen if she went to the underworld with him.but susannah wasnt listening,she was thinking of something sharp enough to kill herself and  something caught her was a was on the table.the mysterious guy did not notice her going to the table as he was busy telling her things.when susanah reached the penknife,she said'hey look,'when he turned around ,susannah stab herself at the stomach and screamed.the pain was getting more intensed as she finally could not take it and black out.the last words she heard was 'no!!!!!'right then,she knew that her plan was working.

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