The mysterious guy from my dreams

susannah simon always have the same nightmare minute,she is in a charming boy"s hands,and next,the buy pulled out a knife ready to kill her.just as when he is about to kill her,she woke up .one day at night,when she is walking home from a party,she saw a stalker.when she look into the boys face,he was the guy from her dreams!!!!!would susannah escape death or would she let the nightmare take place for real???


2. dressing up for the party

susannah quickly rushed home and have a hot shower.after bathing,she decided to choose a dress for the took her ten minutes to choose a dress as she is very picky especially when it somes to clothing.after susannah wore her dress and applied her make up,it was already 6.30pm.'gosh,how fast time flies today'susannah thought.she then quickly took her bag and walked towards cee cee house,which was only a few streets away from her.when she arrived,it was 6.55pm.everyone was here except adam.'big time for adam'she whispered to herself.when it was 7.05 adam finally arrived.cee cee then walked past adam and gave him a glare.adam just shrugged hs shoulders and word-mouth saying sorry.cee cee then continued to talk to her friends.when it was about 9.00pm,susannah walk over to where cee cee and adam whom are now bickering.there was always sparks flying when they were together.susannah chuckled at what adorable couple they are when they are tgether.'hey im going back now'she said.cee cee and adam just nodded at her and smiled thanking her for coming.

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