Possible love

Alexis a simple girl in school is massively in love with the most popular guy in school believing she will never get him something happens when someone suddenly pulls her in a dark classroom......


2. Surprise!!

When Harry walks across the hallway girls act all love struck and boys get jealous of him. So as I was walking to class as I passed one of the class rooms someone pulled me inside. It was really dark but when I opened the light switch and to my surprise Harry was only a few meters away from my face. Each of his hands were beside my shoulder.

His gorgeous emerald eyes look straight into my eyes. There was an awkward silence. Then he broke the silence by saying " I've always been wanting to this close to you ". I was shocked with his words thinking so many questions in my mind. Like" is this a prank??", " did he mean what he said? ", "Was the hottest guy in school really talking to me???". I wondered so much then I tried to leave the door, but he blocked me then I crossed my arms and said " LET ME THROUGH!!!" I tried to get through but he block every part of the door . Then I calmed he seemed to notice and said " can you just listen to what I'll say ?? Then I replied with "Then will you let me through ??" I asked annoyingly and scared. Then he said " yes, I promised
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