Possible love

Alexis a simple girl in school is massively in love with the most popular guy in school believing she will never get him something happens when someone suddenly pulls her in a dark classroom......


5. Oops!

So right after the kiss I told Harry I had to go for class. He nodded and then I left when I went inside the teacher arrived the same time as me whew! That was close. So Annika and I had the same classes so when I looked at her she shot me a mean look and stuck her tongue at me. I got annoyed and just rolled my eyes at her and I thought to my self she wouldn't do that if she new Harry wasn't single anymore.

So the lesson started then all I could think about was Harry and what happened earlier. The kiss, his words and his three words "I love you Alexis...Alexis.... Alexis..." It echoed in my head until I realized the teacher was calling my name! Ms. Alexis!! I stood up quickly and it turned out he was asking my a question "Ms. Alexis are you paying attention ??" I nodded my head and said" Yes,sir" I said as I blushed bright red. Oops. I mumbled to myself


Sorry if the 2 chapters are short I've had a lot of homework lately but I'll try to finish the rest thanks for still reading :)
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