Possible love

Alexis a simple girl in school is massively in love with the most popular guy in school believing she will never get him something happens when someone suddenly pulls her in a dark classroom......


4. My valentine

So when he said he promised I gave him a look to carry on " Alexis .... I've been meaning to tell you this for so many years already. Ever since I first saw you in 4th grade". He moved closer to me I wanted to step back but I was already leaning on the wall. Then he said" Alexis... I think you are the most funny, and cutest girl I have known, and I love you.... Will you be my valentine ?". Those five words made me shocked at the same time happy and I started to tear up while a smile crept to my face.

Then I finally answered" Yes Harry!!, Yes a million times!!!" He picked me up as I hugged him and he spun me around while I said " I love you too" then he put me down and he was holding my waist while my hands were around his neck then he leaned in and kissed me. "I've waited so long to do this" he said before he kissed me again. He was no longer my crush, now he was my boyfriend, MY boyfriend wow! That felt good saying that, in my mind of course
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