Possible love

Alexis a simple girl in school is massively in love with the most popular guy in school believing she will never get him something happens when someone suddenly pulls her in a dark classroom......


1. Valentines day

Alexis P.O.V


I woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock still half asleep realizing I had 30minutes to get ready for school. I stood up and stretched while going to the bathroom to took a shower. After I was done I smelled the sweet smell of pancakes. Looking in the kitchen that my mom was making breakfast. She spotted me and said " morning honey!" My mom said as I replied with "morning mom:)" . So she finished cooking breakfast and then I ate and kissed my mom goodbye.

At school, all I saw were red and pink string attaché to the ceiling and heart shape balloons everywhere. I hate valentines day all with the decorations and chocolates and stuff. I had one crush to love and that guy is Harry Styles, that's right the most handsome guy in the school. I really doubt I would be his girlfriend cause almost the entire school loves Harry. Especially Annika every single time she sees him she flirts with him and twirled her hair and stuff.
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