The love triangle

Kelly Clarke is the girl every boy wants, shes quirky, confident and drop dead gorgeous. When she stumbles upon One Direction two guys fall for her... Who will she choose?


1. The marriage and baby project


"BRRRRIIING"  the bell rings indicating that 7th period is starting. I shut my locker and turn to head to class. "Ow!" I cry as my books fall the the ground, "Oh god!" I'm so sorry a voice says he bends down to pick them up. "I'm Kelly" I say smiling like a madman, he laughs, man I love that laugh! "I'm Harry" he says "I know we just met, but can I have your number?" he says running his tanned hand through his brown sexy curls. YEEEEEESSS! I want to yell, but I try to sound as calm as I can. "Sure!" I say trying to smile as hot as he does, he hands me his phone and I punch my number in adding a little heart next to my name, I text myself so I have his number. I look up and he was standing kind of awkwardly, "Oh don't worry I was just texting myself, I force a laugh. He smiles, "What class have you got up next?" "Uhh child studies, you?" "Me too!" gosh he is just so cute. "BRRRRRRIIIIINGGG" "Shall we go then?" he says holding out his arm. I take it, "We shall" I giggle.


"The marriage and baby project." Mr Wilson explains. "This is a bonding activity, you will need to take care of a baby doll, the doll has a camera inside of it. You will need a partner of the opposite sex and-" He gets cut off, "KELLY, KELLY! BE MY PARTNER?" most of the boys yell. " I will be choosing the partners." Mr Wilson says, there is a chorus of 'awww's' Mr Wilson rolls his eyes. "Mark and Kennedy, Bella and Louis, Lily and Beau, Harry and Kelly" I can't help but grin, I glance over at Harry who is on his phone, "Beep beep" oops.. I look down at my phone and there is a text from Harry, Hey love can't wait to work together on that project ;) xx Hazz, I giggle "Here is your baby" Mr Wilson says and hands a doll to me.


I laugh as I walk down the halls with Harry "Want to come to mine after school and look after the baby?" he says "Sure!" I say, "BRRIIIIINGG" 8th period, last period yaaay "Seeya after school!" he winks. 


*Authors note* YAAAAAAAY ;D FIRST AUTHORS NOTE EVER! okay, so I hope this movella actually takes off, I will write some more tonight and hopefully upload it tommorow? feel free to comment and I will try to answer every one of them! alright, toodles ;D


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