I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


9. Chapter 9.


Hannah’s P.O.V


We were watching a scary movie,

Niall was on the floor with Brooke they were sharing the blanket

Whenever Brooke got scared she would hide her face in Niall’s shirt, yeah yeah their probably going to get together,

They had the popcorn that he kept throwing up when something scary happened and then complaining that the popcorn was going everywhere.

Lou and El where cuddled up on a couch by themselves

Then Zayn was next to liam, eating m&m’s

Then me and harry where laying on the couch I was laying down with my head on his lap and he was sitting up,

Harry wasn’t getting scared which I thought was different because last time we watched a movie he was always screaming


“your not scared,” I said to harry, while he was playing with my hair

“what made you think I would be?” harry asked

“did you not her yourself at the movies ?” I asked laughing a little

“hey, that was a really scary movie !” harry said in defence

“how come I wasn’t screaming ?” I asked with a bit of sass

“because,..” harry was thinking for an answer

“well I don’t know you just, just yeah,” I started laughing at him


The movie finished,

“lets do something !?” Louis asked,

It was getting boring just watching movies

I nodded and so did everyone,


“What do we want to do ?” I asked everyone


“Go for a walk ?” Brooke asked


“uh its like 1:30…

In the morning ?” Zayn asked


“owell, there wont be cars so we can run around and do anything ?” brooke said


“why not!” I said eagerly and jumped off the couch


Everyone decided why not,


We put shoes on and left



We where walking down the middle of the road,

Brooke was right there was no one in sight and no cars,


Lou thought it would be smart to bring a bottle of Vodka


We where all sharing it around and goofing off,


I think I was a little tipsy because I just stopped where I was,


Everyone noticed and stopped and looked at me


I looked at each of them, they were laughing because everyone was a but tipsy,


I don’t really know why I stopped and I don’t think anyone else did, but now I had to do something


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I let out the loudest scream I could !


Harry’s P.O.V


Hannah looked so beautiful, and boy was this girl funny when she was tipsy !


Hannah stopped in the middle of the road and everyone turned and looked at her, all giggly from the vodka


Hannah looked at us all, she looked so beautiful with the wind blowing her hair


I was just staring at her trying to figure out why she stopped,


I was just about to ask her but then she let out the loudest scream.


After she stopped screaming it went silent until we just broke out in laughter,


Then lights in the houses turned on, all around us


We didn’t really care,


So we kept walking until we herd police cars coming,


Oh my god. Did the people seriously call the police,


The car came around the corner,


I saw an ally, so I grabbed hannahs hand and pulled her along down the ally, She was laughing her head off,


I pulled her behind a dumpster, Hannah still couldn’t stop laughing until I saw a light and a police officer yelling


“I saw you kids run down here..” He was getting closer,


What if he finds us and the paps find out,


The cop started getting closer and closer….


I saw a little door into the building,

It wasn’t too big

I had my hand over hannahs mouth so she would stop laughing,


As I got in the little door, the cop reached the dumpster we where behind,


He couldn’t see us because there was wood in front of us.


I grabbed Hannah’s hand, and we stood up,


“wanna have a look around ?” I asked Hannah


“uh harry, its pitch black in here, what are we meant to see ?” Hannah asked laughing a little


“lets find I light switch then,” I said


We started walking and every now or then one of us would run into something,


There hadn’t been anything in my way for a while, now so I stopped walking carefully and boom I ran straight into a wall


Hannah broke into to laughter


“oh, okay now how are you or anything !” I said, in fake hurtness


“a—re you o-kaay ?” Hannah asked between laughs


“my nose hurts,” I said rubbing it, even though Hannah couldn’t see, I stopped and felt Hannah’s lips kiss my nose


“better?” she asked


“uh my lips are still a little sore,”

She laughed a little and then lent up and kissed me on the lips,


“ now, I better,” I said


I felt around on the wall for a switch, I finally found it,

I turned the lights on and me and Hannah turned around to see where we where


I couldn’t believe where we were, holy, hiding in here is going to be fun !




Me again,

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