I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


8. Chapter 8.


Hannah’s P.O.V


The boys where so funny, I was wondering where harry was I thought he would be in the recording room with all the rest of the lads,


Then Harry ran through the door, he looked a bit puffed.


“Where have you been?” I asked harry

Looking for you,” he walked over and pulled me up and took my seat on the couch,

“hey I was sitting there,” I said trying to pull harry up

But instead harry pulled me down onto his lap,

I fell and started laughing


Harry kissed me while I was laughing, I didn’t have to smile into the kiss because I already was.


“C’mon take it somewhere else,” Zayn said while covering nialls eyes


“why are you covering my eyes, im not even the youngest here,” Niall asked still with Zayn’s hands on his eyes


“Because, you are the most innocent,” lou laughed


It went silent for a while until niall got up and randomly yelled,

“Who wants to be my valentine?”

“I will,” Lou said

“Really?” Niall asked hopefully,


Haah just kidding

ROMANCE NIGGA!”Lou jumped and did a nigga move


I nearly fell to the ground of laughter


“wh-aat ju—st ha-ppen-ed ?” I asked between laughs

“ I have no I dear,” Zayn, Liam and Harry said at the same time,


I calmed down and a 28 year old women walked int wearing jeans and a graffiti t-shirt, her hair was in a messy bun and she had blondy brown hair,


“okay, harry your up, lets start with Nobody Compares,

Oh hi sorry didn’t see you there im Lydia, I help with the producing and recording the boys music,”


I smiled

“hi im Hannah, im just the boys friend,” I shook her hand and harry walked into the singing booth.


Harry was so cute when he sang he got into the song,

I think he could see us because he kept looking at me and smiling

I was sitting next to Lydia so I could watch harry

Harry stopped singing and now all the boys had to go in to do the chorus


“so how long have you and harry been dating,?” Lydia asked

“um, yeah we aren’t dating just friends,” I smiled weakly at her

She started laughing I looked at her weirdly and she noticed,

“wait you are kidding right ? but I saw in the magazine yous where kissing ?”

“not kidding, and yeah we have kissed a few times and kind of went on a date but he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend, I wish he had and he is a good kisser, I mean I jjst want to date him so we can cuddle up and kiss and hug when ever I want..”


“wait, sorry too far,” I added

“nah its fine, and don’t worry they cant hear us and well he obviously likes you,” lydia said

“thank god they cant hear us that would be so embarrassing!” I sadi releved because I forgot they where here

I blushed then looked up and all the boys where laughing and harry was looking down smilling he looked up at me

“wait I thought you said they couldn’t hear us,?” I asked Lydia I was red as a tomato with embarrassment

“they should…..


Whoops I was accidently leaning on the button which lets them hear us talking ,


Sorry..” Lydia said


I hide my face in my hands. Oh god.


Harry left the mic and came out into the room,


He grabed my hands and stood me up


“Hannah, will you be my girlfriend, yeah its been like 2 days but well why not ?” harry asked


“when you put it like that


Sure,” I said laughing


Harry kissed me then whispered in my ear

“now you can kiss and hug me all you like,”

I started laughing and pushed his chest away and he walked into the recording room with the boys


That’s was embarrassing,

I wonder what Brooke will say when she finds out ? and I still have to make up for going to a party with one direction and not bringing her, I dunno maybe we can have a movie night or something….



The boys had finished recording and we where heading back to drop me home


“hey do yous want to have a movie night ? I can ring Eleanor and invite my friend Brooke yous will love her?” I questioned the boys


They all nodded

“okay come over around in about 2 hours ?” I asked they all nodded again


I got out of the car and harry hopped out with me and walked me up the garden


“well bring food and drinks and movies ?” harry asked

“okay and ill order the pizza ?” harry nodded

“sounds good, see you soon,” harry said and kissed me then went back to the car,


I walked into my house, and texted El and Brooke


“To El and Brooke: Movie night with the lads ? be here in a couple hours ? :)x”

I sent the message and waited for the replies

They both said okay, brooke a bit wait no A LOT more excited than El.


I decided to get changed into comfy cloths,


I put on black tights and a musterd singlet with a big white jumper. I shoved my hair up and decied to go down stairs


I was watching T.V everyone would be here soon, but I decied I havnt played the piano in a while it just sort of sits near the lounge room looking pretty,


I sat down and started signing



Harry’s P.O.V


We got to Hannah’s early, her door was unlocked silly girlfriend of mine, yes girlfriend.

We walked in to the house to fins Hannah sitting at the piano playing and singing,


I walked up behind her, I grabbed her waist and she jumped a little then I said


“you are amazing babe,” and kissed her on the cheek

“I didn’t even hear yous come in, jeez, you scared me and thanks,” she stood up from the piano seat and said hey to all the lads


The door bell rang which ment El and I think hannahs friend Brooke where here,


“ill go get the door,” Hannah said

She walked up and opened the door,


“hey, guys” she hugged Eleanor and Brooke


“guys, this is brooke

Brooke, this is guys,” hananh introduced


Hannah then came to my side and put my arm around her waist


“lets get this party started,” lou yelled and ran to the couch


Tonight is going to be fun ……



Me again

Comment what you think :) hope yous all like it :)x


~person writing this :)

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