I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


5. Chapter 5.



Hannah’s P.O.V

I herd a knock at the door

I went down stairs, I opened the door and there stood hair with 5 red and 5 white roses in his hands

“here beautiful,” harry handed me my flowers and kissed me on the cheek

I started blushing

“you look cute when you blush,” harry said

“stop, Ill be a tomato soon,” I said whilst laughing

“ come in, ill put these in water and we can go,” I told harry wile I stood aside so he could come in

He took a step in and went straight down to the kitchen

I followed,

I grabbed a vase and put the roses in the vase,

“did you want to go ? the movie starts in 20 minutes” harry asked

“yeah sure,” I smiled and grabbed my phone and wallet of the table.

We walked out the house and I locked the door behind me and me and harry walked down to his car,

We hoped in his car and started driving to the movie,

‘This Is Who I Am’ By At Sunset came on the radio (if you don’t know who they are go on ITunes and buy their EP!)

I started nodding my head to the music, harry was being quiet so I forgot he was in the car until he said

“like the song?” he asked laughing

I stopped moving my head like I was in a heavy metal band

“um, yeah,” oh my god that is embarrassing.


We arrived at the cinemas

“they lads are here, they got here befor us,” harry said

My heart sank a little because I guess we were just friends.

“oh fun,” I smiled weakly

“are you okay ?’ harry asked

“oh yeah, im fine,” I lied, normally I cant lie I start laughing but I was pree upset so it was easy.  

I guess it will be fun,


Harry’s P.O.V


I arrived at the cinemas, and the lads where here

“they lads are here, they got here before us,” I didn’t really want them here because this was ment to be date, but Hannah is going to think I just want to be friends but I don’t and im going to make that clear at the fire works…


Hannah’s mood changed as soon as she saw the lads,

“oh fun,” hannah said

She seemed upset

“are you okay?” I asked

“oh yeah im fine,” Hannah replyed

It was so obvious she was lying but I didn’t want to push it in case it was personal

“hey lads,” I said excitedly

“heeyo harry and hannha,” Niall replyed

Zany on the other hand yelled


Hannah started laughing

“so what movie are we seeing ?” Hannah asked

“Paranormal Activity,” I replyed

I wanted to see that because Hannah will get scared and cuddle up to me and jump on my lap,


Hannah’s P.O.V


I love Paranormal Activity it’s the best movie


We go our tickets

“Do you want anything from the snack bar?” harry asked

“A medium coke and big popcorn to share?” I answered and asked

“Yep, okay wait with the boys while I go get it,”

I nodded and went over to the boys

“You are so much quieter than last night!” Louis said

“Yeah, dunno if you noticed but I was drunk last night,”

“Oh, so are you shy?” Liam asked

“Not really,” I smiled awkwardly; I’m not very good at first impressions

“Hey, guys want to go into the movie?” harry walked over asking

We all nodded and harry handed me my drink

“Thanks,” I was walking down next to harry we weren’t really talking

Harrys slid his hand in mine I looked down and smiled

I felt the same tingles as last night, I thought it was just because I had a lot of drinks but I guess not

Harry noticed me look down and smile, he started smiling like a goof

“Your smiling like a goofball,” I said to harry laughing

He went from happy to upset

“No, in a cute way,” I said quickly 

He didn’t reply

“you ideot hannah,” I whispered to myself

“what was that ?” harry asked laughing a bit


We sat down in the cinema and the movie started


The whole time in the movie harry or one of the boys where screaming

In the first 30 minutes of the movie the pop corn was gone because harry chucked it up in the air

I was nearly peeing of laughter, after a while in the movie we got kicked out because of the noise we were making it was 9:00

I thought the boys would come with us to the fireworks but harry told them to leave

We got to the bench side I think, this is where we are watching the fireworks from

I sat down and harry sat next to me

“did you like the movie?” I asked harry trying not to laugh

“I don’t know how you wherent scared I mean the only reason I took you to see that was…” harry straight away stopped talking

“what was that?” I asked

“nothing,” harry answered short and fast

“well whatever your plan was it back fired on you,” I laughed

He did too

“I guess so,”

I started shivering, and if forgot my jumper

“ did you want my jumper?”

“no you will be cold,” he put the jumper over my sholder,

I put my head on his chest and as I did the fireworks started

I watched

“this view is beautiful,” I said In amazement

“not as good as my view,” harry said

I looked up and he was looking at me, I sat up propyl

I started leaning in till our lips where inches apart…..




Comment what you think J

Sorry not best chapter because I am at Qld State thingys for running, I promise the chapters will get better J

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