I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


4. Chapter 4.




Hannah’s P.O.V

I woke up with a glass of rotten milk next to me and a horrible head ache.

I stood out of bed because, the light was shining through the blinds. I slowly made my way down stairs, I reached the kitchen i grabed the aspirin out of the fruit bowl, yeah I don’t know why I put there,

The I grabbed a glass of water and took two asprins to get ride of my hangover,

I went back upstairs to have a show,

I took my clothes off and stepped in the shower

I washed my self with my body wash coconut/lime body wash and watermelon shampoo and conditioner. I stood in the shower for 15 minutes because I felt frsher.

I hoped out of the shower and dried myself with a bright orange towel and I partly dried my hair but I left it to dry naturally,

I went into my room and put on black tights and a oversized light grey cotton jumper.

I walked down stairs feeling better and refreshed, I made a hot tea and pancakes and layed on the couch in a blanket I still had a few hours till work.

I grabed my phone and saw brooke texted me


Brooke :|

I quickly replied

“sorry , it was a last minute thing ill make it up to you :) x”

Nearly straight away brooke texted me

“you better….. :) x”

I went on twitter and I have gained 100,000 followers over night

I went to my mentions and lots of them where in reply to a photo harry tweeted

It was of me and him shots,

I couldn’t remember last night to well, I feel like I was forgetting something owell it will come back to me I guess


Harry’s P.O.V

I woke up with the biggest smile on my face and buggest hangover but I cant forget that kiss I had with Hannah, it was amazing. Last nihgt was one of the funnest nights

Hannah had the cutest laugh and I know that because when she is drunk she laughs A LOT.

Lou burst through the door

“MORNING my secret lover..” he said in a joking tone

“morning, do you want to bring me some aspirin and water?” I asked hoping he would say yes I didn’t really want to go down stairs to get it

Lou brang his hands from behind his back

“got it covered,” lou said and handed me the aspirin and water

“thanks,” I replyed

And I took 2 asprin and skulled them with my water

“well, Eleanor starts work in an hour and I have to pick her up, want to come for a drive ?” lou asked I didn’t really want to but them I remembered El worked with Hannah so I would probably get to see her

“sure,” I replyed, “just let me have a shower and dressed,”

“okay you have 20 minutes !” lou yelled and ran out of the door

Jeez my head ache still hurts !

I dragged myself out of the bed and into the shower,

I washed my self and wet my hair,

I hoped out of the shower and dried myself

I went in and put my Ellen jox on and black jeans, with my ‘HIPSTA PLEASE’ shirt and a beanie on,

I walked down stairs got a banana

“LETS GO HARRY,” Lou yelled out

‘coming I replied,”

 Me and lou walked out the door to pic Eleanor up


Hannah’s P.O.V

I ran out the door, I was going to be late. I got changed into a white ripped jeans, a reed nearly maroon top and a black cardigan.

I arrived at work, Eleanor just arrived aswell,

She got out of the car, followed by harry ?

Harry started walking over to me I thought it would just say hi then go to starbucks but no he came infront of me

“hi beautiful..” harry said

I looked down and felt my cheecks burning and becoming red

“hi,” I replyed

“I had fun last night,”

I was so nervous because I remembered why he was talking to me because we kissed last night !

“yeah, me too, cant get your dancing out of my head,” I said with a wink then just started lauging as I started to remember what happened last night

“yeah, im sorry you wherent ment to see,”

“sorry, why sorry, it entertained me,” I started laughing again


“haha, okay” I said biting my lip trying to hold in a laugh

“well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight ?”

“uh, yeah what are we going to do ?”

“movie and fireworks ?”

“sure sounds good,”

“is 6:00 okay ?”

“yep, sounds fun, “

“it’s a plan,” harry smiled

“okay, good bye harry” I said as I turned and walked to go into the shop

“good bye Hannah, see you tonight”

I turned my head and my hair blew in the wind I smiled and nodded,

i was still turning my head when i fell over...

oh no, harry ran over adn helped me up 

"are you okay ?" harry asked 

"yeah fine." 

i quickly got up and ran into the store

 i herd harry and lou laughing

oh god !

I walked in to the shop and Eleanor and brooke where both at my sides linking an arm of mine each walking me out the back I looked at them both curisly

“so, what where you and harry talking about ?” Eleanor asked

“ oh nothing much, just about our….

Kiss last night and he asked me if I wanted to do something tonight.” I smiled and pretended it was an everyday thing even though on the inside I was wondering I what I should where and was really nervouse.

“aaahhh, my best friend has a date with Harry Styles” brooke said pretty loudly

“haha, not a date just friends..” I was hoping that would be a lie

“haahha, pfft, keep telling yourself that,” Eleanor said and walked back out the shop

Jeez me and Eleanor are already nearly best friends yesterday she was shy but now she is definitely not shy.

I herd the bells of the door ring which ment there was a customer I put my lanion on then herd a scream I ran out quickly wondering what is was but Eleanor was just getting a photo with the teenage girl who Im guessing was a One Direction fan then she saw me and screamed again

“AAAHHH, “ and ran over and hugged me

‘um, sorry do I know you, I don’t mean to be rude

“no, im a massive 1D fan and harry tweeted a picture with you and yous looked like you where friends so Im just excited I have met Eleanor Louis tomlinsons girlfriend and Hannah Harry Styles friend in one day ! AAAHHH”

I laughed at the excitement the teenager was in

“would you mind if I got a photo with you ?”

“nah, its fine,” I smiled she handed Eleanor her phone and el snapped a photo of my and the girl

“thank you the teenager,” said to me and el and gave us both hugs and left.

“well that’s different,” I said

Eleanor laughed

“wow, that girl is loud,” brooke said

Me and Eleanor both started laughing

“what? What ?” brooke asked

“brooke that was you when you met Eleanor !” I replyed between laughs

“ no it wasn’t,” brooke said in defence

“what ever puts you to sleep,” I walked past brooke and patted her sholder then went to sort the shirts in size order.


Work was over, It wa 4:30 I had an 1 and a half befor harry would be at my house to pick me up,

I had nothing to wear so I had a quick shop at work, I bought a Navy blue top that went to my belly button and high wasted ripped jeans.

I had wedged navy heals to match my shirt

I went home, I didn’t bother shower because the traffic was bad and it took me 20 minutes to shop and 30 to get home so I only had 40 minutes till harry would be here

I got dressed into my new cloths I made sure I ripped all the tags off,

I went to the bathroom and washed my make-up off and re did it

I straightened my hair then put it into a high pony tail. I had big pear earrings in.

I took one last look in the mirror and I looked okay,



It is 10 to 6 and im getting really nervous I mean last night it was easy to talk to harry because I didn’t really know what was happening but im sober and so is he

What if thinks I look bad, or he regrets taking me out tonigh and WHY was I nervous we are just going out as friends

Jeez being a girl is hard, I bet boys don’t act like this befor they go out


Harry’s P.O.V

It took me forever to get dressed because I was nervous,

I went with jeans and a white v-neck shirt with a black jumper because it was pretty cold tonight.

It was 5;30 and a 30 minute drive to hannah’s I better get going

Oh god im actually nervous, I mean I want to date Hannah, Im not asking her tonigh because we just met but what  if she thinks I only asked her as a friend she cant because we where flirting this morning

Well I think we where, oh crap im going to be late ! I grabed my phone and keys and ran out the door to go pick Hannah up




sorry this chapter isnt the best, but i hope you like it :)

comment what you think :)

~ person who wrote this :) x


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