I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


3. Chapter 3.



Hannah’s P.O.V

I walked outside expecting to see a little car with one or two girls in the car , but no, Louis must have given Eleanor a limo because that is what I saw a big limo. Jeez. I walked over to the car and tried playing it cool like I have been in a limo before but I haven’t, I hoped in and there was Eleanor and a curley headed girl,

“hey el,” I smiled and slightly waved

“heey, han this is Danielle,” Eleanor replied

“hi Danielle,” I went to shake her hand but she pulled me in to a hug

I started laughing about how friendly Danielle was being.


We arrived at the party. The house was massive, and I mean massive ! We walked through the double doors, that two elephants standing on each other could fit through, it opened to a massive stair case and there where people with drinks in their hand and dancing, the drive took 30 minutes, so its around 7:00 I think everyone was here there was about 400 people here the party was huge. Louis came straight over and hugged El then they started making out, same with Danielle and I think his name was liam ? I dunno I think they where dating,

I guess Im on my own. I went over to the little bar and got a drink, I was talking to Ariana, as in the famous Ariana she was actually really nice, she told me to come dance and I was on my 5th drink so I cant say I was to sober but I definitely wasn’t drunk, I followed her to the dance floor,

We where dancing when someone grabed my hand and I had little tingles, what the hell, who was holding my hand ? I turned around and found the boy I nocked into on the street a few hours ago.


Harry’s P.O.V

After looking for her for over an hour, I finally found her, Hannah, she was in a red dress with her make-up done perfect, she was dancing with Ariana, I went up behind her and grabbed her hand hoping to get her attention and it worked she turned around and started smiling

“hi,” she said simply and shyly

“hi,” I replyed

“want to dance??” I asked her

She nodded and told Ariana me and her where dancing

We started dancing,

“do you want a drink ?” I asked

“sure,” she smiled me and her walked over to the bar my arm was around her waist while we walked over,

“4 shots please !” Hannah asked excitedly

Jeez I guess this girl can drink

“thank you,” she said “okay 2 each, first one..” she slide one shot over to me “3….2…1” boom we both skulled the shot and then sucked a lime and saw a flash me and Hannah turned our heads over to the flash and there stood Eleanor and Lou with their phones

They started laughing then I got a text from lou

It was the picture he took of me and Hannah

I started laughing because of hannahs face when she had the lime in her mouth, I showed Hannah and she screamed


 nup this is going on instagram and twitter !, do you have twitter ?”

“um, yeah its @HannahS_LHooper,”


Ssshhhoootttsss with @HannahS_LHooper !!!!

*pic of me and Hannah*


Hannah’s P.O.V


As soon as harry tweeted that pictured my phone virbrated and it said

“harry styles is now following you!” and the tweet he tagged me in,

I replied to his tweet

“@HannahS_LHooper: @Harry_Styles YUCK ! ahah ! FUN NIGHT !!”


Me and Harry drank and talked until it was 3:30 in the morning,

“uggh, I gotta leave the ppaaarrrrttaaayy !” I yelled to harry over the music

“okay, ill take you home,..”

“car trip !”

“Hannah it’s a 30 minute drive ?” harry raised an eyebrow

“well, im drunk and I don’t care!! WOOHOO”

I cant think staright but I am having fun, me and harry walked towards the car

He opened the door for me

“gee, such a gentlemen” I laughed and winked at him while I slid in the car, Harry followed.

There was alcohol in the limo so me and harry also went hard in the limo. We turned the music up load

I stood up and bent down because I couldn’t stand properly and opened the sun roof I stood up full length and put my arms in the air and just screamed !

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” then the limo came to a stop and I fell back through the limo and onto harrys lap

We where staring into eachothers eyes and I sobered up pretty much straight away “nice scream,” harry basicly whispered still looking in my eyes

“gee, thanks I practise,” I whispered him

Harry lent over and whispered in my ear

“my instrument is my mouth, in more than one way,” harrys voice sent shivers through my body

“wanna try it out ?” harry whispered to me looking me in the eyes

Befor I could reply harry crashed his lips to mine

I know this is going to sound totally cliché but I swear I felt fireworks,

That was until the car stoped and the door opened

“uhh, we are here..” the driver said awkwardly me and harry just started laughing

“hahah, okay thanks bill” harry said and me and him hoped out of the limo,

“can you wait in the car bill?” harry said as he grabbed my waist and led me to my house

“sure, good night Miss. Hooper” bill replyed

“good night bill, “ I smiled and started walkig up to my door

We reached my door I grabbed my key and put it in the door hole

It was cold so harry put his jumper on my shoulders


“ I had fun tonight,” harry said

“me, too” I replyed and gave him a sweet smile

Harry lent down and gave me a kiss on my cheek, when he did it made my cheek warm at the touch of his soft lips to my cheek he pulled away

“here is my number,” I handed harry my number,

“Thanks beautiful, ill text you, had a amazing night with you’”

As I thought I was going week at the knees

“night,” I said and opened the door

“night,” harry basically whispered

I shut the door, took my 4 inch heels off and I could smell him it was like he was hugging me

Wait I still have his jumper

I opened the door and I saw harry basically dancing of joy down the drive way

“heey, you forgot your jumper,” I lent against the door frame and held his jacket on a single finger

I think I startled him because he jumped 10 feet in the air

“shit,” I herd him whisper to himself

He spun around on one foot and walked over to me

He grabed his jumper


He said and hurried to the car probably embaressed

“hey, nice dancing,” I yelled out to him and went inside

I wanted to go have a hot shower in my room, bbut first I wanted some chocolate milk.

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