I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


2. Chapter 2.



~ "Hi im Hannah, how may i help you ?? "


"hi im Eleanor Calder, im new here i just got the job that was open..." Eleanor replyed with a smile ~


“ Well welcome to Hollister,” I replied to the brunette with darker blond dip dyed hair.

Brooke quickly ran from the manikins she was dressing over to me and Eleanor,

“OMG as in the Eleanor Calder that is dating Louis Tomlinson, As in THE Louis Tomlinson out of one direction ??” brooke questioned as if she already knew the answer,

Eleanor giggled “ aah, yeah,”

I blocked my ears quickly and Eleanor gave me questioning look then I pointed to Brooke and right on queue

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!” brooke belted out a scream

Eleanor looked a little frightened and amused, Brooke quickly gave her a hug and asked for a photo Eleanor nodded and they got there photo then I butted in Brookes fangirl attack

“ uhh, Eleanor did you want to follow me out the back to put your stuff down and we can get started ??”I asked

She nodded and followed me to the back

“where do I put my stuff ??” Eleanor asked

“just there,” I pointed to the pigeon holes

Eleanor placed her handbag, phone and everything else she had and followed me back out to the shop


I was showing Eleanor the basics about the shops, its already 5:00 pm I was ment to finish work at 4:30 woops.

“sorry el, I didn’t realise the time, you can leave now” I said hoping she wouldn’t be mad she had to stay an extra 30 minutes,

“that’s fine, and I know we don’t really know eachother properly but my boyfriend you know who he is and some of his friends are having a party tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to join, you know we could become closer ?” Eleanor asked

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go but El had a point if I was going to work with her I might aswell get to know her better

“sure, sounds fun.”

“okay, well did you want me to pick you up ? seen as you don’t know where the party is ?”

“yeah, I live at 17 Ballet st,”

“yeah I know where that is Danielle lives near there Ill pick both of yous up I guess ,” she smile

“okay thanks what time should I be ready ?”

“around 6:30..”

“okay will do “ I smiled and me and El grabed our stuff and walked out


Harry’s P.O.V

Me and lou where waiting for Eleanor to finish her new job it was freezing today so I decided to go get a coffee from starbucks next to eleanors shop seen she was taking forever, I hoped out of the car and went into the shop,


There wasn’t anyone lining up so I lined up and there was a fine looking till girl you could call her, she had big boobies, skinny, with long blond straight hair. She wasn’t my type really because she had a lot of make up on but she was finne !

I Walked up trying to act cool,

“hi, can I please get a coffee, two sugars

For harry,”

“sure that’s $6.43”

I handed her the money and walked to the back of the shop, waiting for my coffee

I went on twitter and tweeted

“sometimes when you have nothing to do you have to…..

Buy a coffee!”

I got 12,798 RT in 30 seconds and millions of people asking me for a follow, I followed a few because I have time then I herd

 “Harry ?”

 I nodded and walked over and grabed my coffee I walked out the shop and noticed writing

“call me

0417-665-651.. :) x”

 I smiled then boom ran straight in to someone and spilt my coffee all over her, I quickly said “sorry,” and looked up and this girl was beautiful I started to get really nervous,

“its fine, don’t worry about it,” the beautiful brunette said and smiled

“Im sorry, …

Again.” I said with a confused face

She smiled and looked down and I relised my coffee was on the ground I went to bend down and so did she,

We both laughed and rubbed our heads

“once again, im sorry beautiful,” I said

She blushed and looked downa dn picked up my coffee cup

I think she saw what the girl in the shop wrote on my cup, because staright away her blushing disappeared


Don’t forget to call her,” she half smiled and walked off

Shit ! she saw the writing

“wait ! I hope I see you around” I basically yelled at her

She turned around and smile

“mee too,” she replyed then turned and kept walking, I didn’t stop watching her, until I herd a beep I turned and lou was telling me to come because Eleanore finally finished work ,

I walked over to the car and Eleanor took my seat in the front so I hoped in the back, lou started to drive off

“so harry, look’s like you have a crush on Hannah ?” Eleanor turned around in her seat and looked at me

“how do you know her name ?” I questioned

“She works with me, she was helping me today,” eleanor replyed with a smile on her face

“boobear, can you drop me home I have to pick Danielle and Hannah Up this afternoon befor the party..?” Eleanor asks Lou

“sure thing babe..”


Hannah’s P.O.V

I have another shower, I wash all my old make up off my face I try to get all the mascara under my eyes off and washed myself, I hopped out off the shower and dried myself and went into my room to get changed,

I picked a high neck red dress that has spaghetti straps and a crossed back and falls 4 inches above my knee and black heals with laces I walk in my room and turn my straightener on and do my make-up,

I put concealer, then foundation, then some powder and then my mascara with little flicks I then put bright red lipstick on. My make-up was done very well for once and my straightener was heated up,

I straightened my hair until it was fully straight. I checked the time and Eleanor would be here any minute, I quickly put in my big black earrings and grabbed my black clutch, and put my black bracelets on.

I brushed my teeth and went down stairs, I sat on the couch and then I herd a car beep,

Im ready for a long, fun night with people I don’t know, well here it goes,…….












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