I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


19. Chapter 19.

Chapter 19. “I don’t really know if I am actually,” I said “Is that so?” harry asked “it is so, because I have no clue what I need to be ready for,” I replied hoping for an answer to the bike, chocolate and flowers. Well the chocolate and flowers were obviously fro our anniversary thingy ma bob I guess. “Well we are going for little bike ride,” Harry said He Is hiding something but owell I probably do need to get a little fitter. I grabbed my bike and wheeled it out, Harry had a bike for himself behind the porche “is there anywhere in particular we are going?” I asked Harry “uh nooo,” Harry said trying to lie “babe I have a tip for you.” I said to harry “and that is?” “learn how to lie,” I said laughing “I can lie!” Harry said defensivly “No, you have a face!” “do not,” “oh yeah lie!” Fine you are not the most beautiful girl I have ever met” “first thank you cheesball and second you had that lying face,” I blushing a litte, God he has got to stop making me blushing Harry grabbed me and kissed me “and you have a surprised face, shall we go now?” Harry asked getting on his bike I cant get used to his kisses, I nodded and hoped on the bike and me and harry started riding down the street, “you know what this reminds me of, when we were drunk running down the streets, god that was funny!” Harry said “yeah, remember we got chaced and hid in a candy store?” “yes, how could I forget?” Harry said I think that was a rhetorical question so I just kept riding my bik “Harry can you just tell me where we are going Because if we get lost or go the wrong way we both know your navigation skills are horrible!” “hey! They aren’t that bad and going somewhere what? But follow me!” Harry said and stated speeding rapidly, Shit, I tried speeding as fast as Harry but he was actually really fast “SLOW DOWN!” I yelled to harry He slowed down a little while I was still going as fast as I could!we rode up a path with big trees along it and over a little bridge over the bridge I saw a tree, with a red blanket. As I was staring at the little date im guessing harry organised I ran straight into a tree. I fell back, onto the grass. I was so embarrassed. “Shit!” I said as I rubbed my head. I herd harrys bike skid and then running I was waiting to hear Harry laughing at me but I couldn’t I felt some one help me up and of course it was Harry. Harry let go of my waist, “oww!” I said, and quickly grabbed my ankle, Harry quickly grabbed me in bridle stride and started running towards the tree I started laughing “stop harry put me…. Haaha… down I am too heavy! What about the bike?” I said while still laughing. Harrys curls were going ever where! “Light as a feather babe! And it won’t get stolen no one ever comes here!” Harry said we reached the blanket and harry put my down. I was laughing, “What happened?” Harry asked laughing a little “shut up, and I saw this little place and was distracted!” I was blushing he just laughed, held my hand and kissed me on the cheek and said “sorry for laughing beautiful,” “nup you laughed!” he grabbed my face and started kissing it repeatedly “i… will… stop… kissing…you…when…you…forgive…me!” Harry said still kissing my face I was laughing like crazy! I just love him. Wait what did I just think!? Nah, just in the moment its only been a month! “stop! I forgive you!” I said trying to get harry of my face. He stopped and walked behind the tree and pulled out a really big picnic basket. He opened the basket, pulled out a bouquet of flowers and gave them to me. “for you my lady” he said. I just blushed, thanked him and took the flowers and put them besides me, Harry then pulled out a pizza and and soft drink “the finest for you,” Harry said with a wink “yeah I can tell you went all out babe!” “hey I got these,” Harry said and pulled out strawberries with chocolate on the bottom “okay they are my favourtite!” “I know I asked Brooke” Harry said smirking, * We finished the pizza and there was one more strawberries with chocolate on the end Harry picked up the straw berry “you want it?” harry asked I shook my head “you, have it babe,” “this could be the best straw berry you could ever have and you would never know” Harry put the strawberry near my mouth I laughed and took a little bit off the end “delicious’” I said and harry took a bit of it and ate the rest off it. We laid on our backs, I had my head in harry chest and was cuddled into him watching the stars, “Harry the tour starts soon, that means im not going to be able to see you..” I said upset knowing I had to the leave for the tour soon. “I know babe.” Harry said “But we can call, text, skype and when we have a day off we can meet in the middle” harry said trying to cheer me up “but it wont be the same..” I said till upset “but it will have to do, I know we can do it babe!” “what if we cant?” Harry sat up and so did I, He looked me in the eyes “we can and we will, we might have a few problems but we will get through them if we try!” Harry leaned in and we kiss and I guess that is the end of that. ~ Sorry hope yous like it, :D Comment what you think please xx Sorry that the last chapter was bad ~Brooke :Dxx
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