I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


18. Chapter 18.

Chapter 18.

I woke up and got dressed for the studio, I wore jeans, a white singlet and a orange girls blazer.

I had bacon, egg and orange juice for breakfast

I grabed my phone and I had a text from Harry: Good luck beautiful text me when you finished xx

To Harry: will do, so nervous xx

I put my phone in my handbag and left,


I arrived at the studio for recording, I wasn’t sure if they had song or if I was ment to bring songs I have already written or if I am just doing covers, owell I guess I will just find out

I walked in through the doors, I cant believe I am here for me not to watch harry or sneak in a spare room for me

I was walking down the hallway smiling, I looked at my watch shit im late, I started running, wait were am I going I was running down the halls looking for a studio

“hey, hey Hannah slow down,”

Omg he knows my name

Oh my god.

“But im late, and its my first day of recording” I said to ED BLOODY SHEERAN!

“well first you are an amazing singer,”

Holy crap.

“and second let me help you find your recording room,” Ed said

“thank you!” I said to him telling me I was a good singer and helping me

“that’s oaky” Ed said

And we started walking

“so you and harry?” Ed questioned raising an eye brow

I laughed “yeah I guess,” I said smiling like an ideot

“how long have yous been together officially or what ever?” Ed asked

Well I guess our conversation is going to be about Harry and me..

“uh not to long only a few weeks, I think it’s a month tomorrow actually?” “oh congrats and here is your very own recording studio,” Ed said

“thanks for the yelp,” I said excitedly because I was standing out the front of my, M Y studio!

I hugged ed and he walked off

I took a deep breath and turned the nobbed I looked in awh at the room

There was a orange wall with a white leather couch on the wall and the sound proof room, had pick cushion walls with light blue and grean cushions in a corner and there was fruit juice on a minie table next to the microphone

This is amazing, I snapped back to reality or out of my own little world

“im so sorry im late,” I said quickly

“that’s fine im Andrew,” Andrew said

“hi Andrew, im Hannah,” I reply realising I haven’t met him befor….

Harry’s P.O.V

Ed said he would come around to hang with me and Lou, and the rest of the lads

Im so excited today because its Hannah’s first recording session, I wanted to go in and help her but I also don’t want to distract her

I will just text her after to see how she went, I heard the doorbell ring, I ran to the door knowing it was my ginger friend

“WEASLY!” I yelled and hugged my friend

Its in inside joke I call him ron or wheasly and he calls me potter because of the harry potter movie, you get it yeah?

“POTTER!” ed yells back, befor we can talk angain the lads have joined us

We went and sat on the couch with a beer each,

“so harry guess who I ran into this morning?” ed said

“I dunno who?” I replied thinking ed would just say something stupid or I dunno I was really just thinking of how Hannah was going

“Hannah!” I as soon as I herd her name I actually paid attention

He added a little wink

“What did you say?” I ask hoping he didn’t embarrass me

“not much, she just told me its your one month anniversary tomorrow” ed said

“what?” shit, wait a month isn’t to long am I ment to make a big deal about this?

“wait, do I make a big deal of a month adversary, or what ever?” I asked a but confused I mean what if I make a big deal and Hannah gets overwhelmed or what if I don’t make a big deal and she gets mad and dumps me, that can’t happen I really am falling hard for her!


“wait am I supposed to do something for her? Do I make a small deal or do I let her know I know? If that makes sense” I ask the lads

“awwh, my hazza is nervous because he loves hannah!” Lou said

“shut up! I dotn love her!” I said

“yet,” ed said


I really don’t know what to do and im kinda freaking out, just a little.

“Harry Im sure you will think of something,” Liam said

I sat there thinking for a bit until I finally realised what I would do!

I jumped up and ran and got my keys “Have an idea be back later!” and I was gone.


Hannah’s P.O.V


I had the best day recording; It is 3:00 am! I was there for ages, harry is probably asleep, ill just go see him tomorrow. Today I did covers and I actually wrote about three songs! It was so hard but so much fun, and Andrew was really good to work with.

I drove home and went straight up to bed







I woke up at 12:00 because of my late night, and Andrew told me seen we were so late to just go to work from 1:00 to 4:30 to record the songs I wrote.  


I checked my phone to see if I had goten a tex from harry saying happy anniversary? Nothing, mabey he doesn’t care or doesn’t even know. Owell….

I had a shower, it was so nice to let the warm water trickle down my back, but I have to get out and get ready I dryed my self and put on boots, tights and a camo patterened t-shirt with the Chanel sign in the middle. I put my hair in a bun and just did simple make-up


I cooked bacon and eggs and then was on my way to work.




I got home at 5:00 and found a rose, chocolate and note in the basket of a bike? The bike with the stuff in it was on my door step, I don’t even own a bike? I pulled the note out hoping it would explain


Happy 1 month babe xx

Get in something comfy, ill be at back at 5:15


Hazza xx


Shit that’s in fifteen minutes! Well that still doesn’t explain the bike?

I wheeled the bike in and quickly put the roses in a vase and the chocolates in the fridge. I went upstairs and just put a oversized grey jumper on and UGGS. I left my hair and sure enough I herd a ding at the bell, Harry was here.

I went down stairs

And opened the door,

“hey babe you ready?”




Sorry for such a wait, I have the worst writteres block ALREADY!

Arrg! Well this isn’t a very good chapter but hope you like it!

Comment what you think please ? :D

Sorry bout the cliff hanger I while update again soon :D


~Brooke xx

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