I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


17. Chapter 17.

Chapter 17.


I arrived at brooke’s house, im probably not going to be able to hear after this

I locked harry’s car and went up to brooke’s door and knocked twice

“coming,” I herd Brooke say and then foot steps

Brooke opened the door, and saw me

“Hannah!” she said and hugged me

“come in,” brooke moved aside so I could walk in

“so I have some news,” I said as I took a seat on the couch

Brooke sat next to and started talking

“are you pregnant, oh stupid harry, wait yous slept togther already its only been a few weeks, you should have yoused protection!” brooke babbled on

“are you finished?” I asked

“im not if you are pregnant,” brooke said curiously

“im not pregnant” I said calmly to stop brooke

“oh good I wasn’t ready to be a god mother, anyway”

Why would she assum im pregnant, do I look fat? I looked down at my belly, well… no stop that’s not what im here for

“I got signed!” I sadi excitedly

“yay1” brooke said then started clapping

“whats that mean, got signed with what?” brooke stop jumping in her seat wondering

“with the lads lable and im going on tour with little mix soon!” I said trying to clear it up

Brooke started to cheer again, well I can hear so that’s good,

“How long for?” brooke asked

I didn’t even think about that, I’ve been worrying a bit about Harrys tour but now I have to worry about my tour, I mean it is going to be hard enough with just one of us on tour but both of us that’s going to be pretty much impossible, im going to miss him and that’s just going to be miserable, its only been three weeks and its getting hard

“what about harry?” Brooke asked

what could this chick read my my mind or something

“I don’t know..” I replyed

I really don’t know what is going to happen, do we have to break up,was this just a fling? A million questions were running through my mind well actually only one..

What is going to happen to me and harry?

“Are you going to try, I mean Louis and Eleanor do it and Danielle and Liam do and I mean you will be on tour with zayns girl friend so yous cant talk to each other about it cant you?” brooke explain

I mean brooke is a total ideot but she can be serious when you really need her

“yeah, but I mean mabey me and harry are just a fling? I said

I don’t want us to be

“well when do you have to leave?” brooke asked

“I dunno, mabey a month or something, Izac said soon and im pretty sure their tour starts in about a month?” I asked

“and guess what hannah,”brooke said excitedly

“what?” I asked

“YOU GOING ON THAT TOUR!” brooke screamed and then jumped up and started dancing,

God help her

I laughed at her stupidness

“I have to go in the studio tomorrow to record,” I said excitedly!

“can you bring yor best friend?” brooke asked

“yeah, im sure El could make it,” I said playing with my best friend

“not funny,” brooke replyed glairing at me

“but I think I might see if you wanted to come,” I sadi laughing a little

“YES!” I laughed at her

But I still couldn’t stop thinking about what is going to happen between me and Harry

“anyway, harry said once I have finished here to go back to the lads place and hang out with them, want to come?” I asked brooke

“yes!” brooke said

She is still a fan girl over the lads, she has only met them once so I guess she will get used to it,



Harry’s P.O,V

Im so happy for Hannah, right now she is with her best friend telling her she got signed and is going on tour with Little Mix

I am happy but this means Hannah is going on tour, for how ever long and so am I, we are going to be away from eachother ,a dn its not going to be as easy as flying her over to us because, she will also have a tour that she has to do and our sceduals could mix, we might not see eachother for nearly a year.

I just know one thing, that me and Hannah aren’t going to be a fling, as long as we try to make it work I will be happy.

I was laying on my bed chucking a ball at the roof, due to bordem

“WE ARE HERE,” I herd Hannah yell,

She must have brought Brooke

“babe,” I said and stood up I went out of my room to the stair railing

“hey,” she said looking up to me

“hey, brooke’” I smiled at her

“hi” she smiled shyly

I saw the boys run up to the girls, they must have been in the living room

I went down stairs

I went behing Hannah and wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my chin on her head,


Hannah’s P.O.V

Harry came behind me and put his arms around my waist and his chin on my head

It felt so right, im going to miss him

Everyone was talking but for some reason I could only focus on me and harry, He was laughing, I could feel his chest vibrating on my back

I don’t want this to just be a fling

“What do yous want to do?” Liam asked

“I cant be here long, I have to be at the studio early tomorrow to record,” I told everyone not wanting to be tired for my first day, but I mean its only mid day I have 6 hours until I will want to leave.

“I know,” Harry said

He unwrapped his arms from around my waist and picked me up in bridal stride

“Harry I have a dress on!” I screamed because everyone could probably see down my dress

Harry started walking towards the POOOL!

“Harry no please its cold!” I said kicking hopeing Harry would put me down

“pool what!?” harry said trying to play dumb!

Everyone was following laughing at us they stoped at the door

“someone help me!” I screamed at them no one cam to help

Harry was standing at the pools edge

“harry please!” I begged one last time


Harry’s P.O.V

I was at the pools edge with Hannah trying to escap she was kicking I wasn’t going to chuck her in its to cold that would be mean


I was hlding her over the pools edge

“harry please,” she begged again

I just kept her over the pools edge

She stopped kicking for a bit and I was just about to take her back


As I was about to turn around she kicked me where a boys isn’t ment to be kicked

I reacted by accidently dropping Hannah and covering my balls in pain


“ooowwww!” I screamed

Then Hannah screamed probably due to the coldness

“I was just about to take you back but you kicked me,” I said

“I turned around because I herd running, I saw Louis running at me

Oh no, Lou talked me at full pelt and I landed in the pool, and so did he

I went over to hannah and hugged her

“forgive me?” I asked

“fine,” she sadi then started laughing

“what?” I asked

“You should have seen that, holy looked so funny!” Hannah said laughing

I kissed her to shut up

Someone bomb dived right next to us probably to stop us kissing

We turned our heads and it was Niall

“SWIM TIME!” he yelled as he came up from the water

Then everyone but Brooke ran and jumped in

“everyone huddle,” hannah said

We all got in a circle

“lets get her!” Hannah said

We all started laughing and nodding

“Break!” Hannah yelled

We went to different parts of the pool and got out


“GO,” Liam yelled and we all started running towards Brooke

“oh no,” Brooke said then went to run but we were all there she went to run left but lou was there then right but Hannah was there and she couldn’t run fowrads because me, niall, liam and zayn were there

She turned adns tarted running but Niall grabed her by her waist

And everyone else grabed her arms and legs she was wriggiling trying to free herself

“1… 2… 3!” hannah said and we chucked brooke

We all jumped in after laughing

We swam for about another 40 minutes then decided to get out because it was freezing

“um lads, we don’t have cloths,” Brooke brought to attention

“ill borrow harrys, “ Hannah said

“will you know?” I asked Hannah playfully

“ I will,” she ran past me and headed for my room

“don’t slip you are wet!” I yelled

I walked up Hannah had already ran to my room

I walked into my room and found Hannah with a towel wraped around herself

Looking at my photos on my desk

“you are fast,” I said

“what can I say?” Hannah said with a wink


I walked and grabed a towel


I grabbed my white t-shirt

“here,” I handed Hannah my shirt she grabbed it

“okay, turn around while I get changed

“babe ive seen you in your bra and undies befor,” I said to her

“that different,” she said

I laughed at her cuteness

And grabbed my self grey trackie dacks and a white jumper

“you can turn around,” Hannah said

I turned around and the t-shirt was way to big on her but it looked cute

She took her shoes off but stil had her high blacks socks on

“you look cute,” I said

She looked down and blushed

“ I don’t care if you watch me get changed,” I said with a wink


Hannah’s P.O.V


I harry tooks his shirt off, I looked at him then his abbs holy

I just started, I think I even had my mouth open

“babe, keep your mouth shut youll catch flies,” harry said

Oh no I quickly shut my mouth

He laughed at me then put his jumper on

He was pulling down his pants and by that boxers I quickly turned around

“are you done?” I asked

“yep,” harry said

I turned around and he wasn’t

“harry!” I said covering my eyes

He just started cracking up laughing

“im done now seriously

I peeked through my eyes to see if he was done

He was thank god! I started laughing at my inappropriate boyfriend

“want a jumper?” he asked

“yes please,” I said

He handed my a black zip up jumper

I put it on but left it unzipped

Harry put his arm around my shoulder and we started walking back down stairs

“its big hey,” harry whispered in my ear

I didn’t understand

Then it clicked,

I hit harry

He started laughing happy with himself

I just rolled my eyes and we walked down stairs

Brooke had borrowed Nialls cloths because she had a big irish jumper on

“is it lunch time yet,” Niall said

Everyone was sitting on the couch in tarckies and a jumper

“yep,” liam said

Me and harry sat on the floor seen the couches were taken up

“can I cook? Please!” I begged

“nooo!” brooke screamed “I love you but you absaloutly suck at cooking!”

“oh c’mon im not that bad!”

“yeah you are!” Brooke replyed

I am not actually that bad but I mean cooking has never been a prority, and it cant be that hard I have boiled a egg and once I tried to make lasagne for me and brooke but I think I used the wrong meat or something, owell, I really wanted to cook

“please please please please please please please!” I begged

“I say we let her cook!” niall said

“yay!” I jumped up

“no one come near the kitchen I want it to be a surprise watch a movie or tv or somthign while I cook!” I sadi while running to the kitchen

“I warned you all!” I herd brooke say

Harry’s P.O.V

We were watching a movie

I could smell something funny coming from the kitchen,oh no mabey we should have listened to brooke

Owell it cant be that bad

“Lunch is ready!” I herd my beautiful girlfriend call Niall was first up and then the rest of us we wlaked in and sat at the table

We were looking for the food

Hannah walked over with pasta in a container and a sauce pan with steam coming out

“smells nice babe,” I said while Hannah put the food on the table

She sat down next to me “dig in” she tld everyone

We all grabbed a spoon full of what ever this was

We all had a bite at the same time

It tasted ferual! I wante to spit it out I looked at Brooke she was just sitting there not eating, lucky girl and everyone else was like me trying to make it go down.

I finally swallowed it

“how is it?”  Hannah asked happily

“great babe!” I said

I grabbed my a glass of water to wash it down, I didn’t thik it was so hard to make spaggettie and mince, someone say something so we don’t have to keep eating

I honestly need this out of my mouth

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Hannah said

Everyone got up and went to taps

“I think im gunna die!” I had my head under the sink lou was gurguling coke, zayn was whipping his mouth with a tea towel, Niall was still eating and liam was scratching his tounge trying to get the taste off it

I grabed a cloth and ran to Niall

“spit it out now!” he spat the food out and I started whipping his tounge

“that’s isn’t edible help!” zayn said trying to wipe his mouth

Brooke was just siting down laughing her but off

“She’s coming!” Liam said we all quickly scraped our food in plants where ever quickly

We all took our seats,

“im back,” Hannah said

“hey yous have all eaten your food was it that good!?” Hannah questioned excitedly

I was not answering that

“the best but I think we shiuld og get ice-cream or something im still really hungry!” Niall said

Brooke broke out in laughter again her face was so red I don’t think she could breath

“well im sorry there is only enough for one more and I was going to have it, yous can if you want?

Everyone was up

“nah its fine,” everyone murmed and they left

It was just me, Hannah and Brooke left

“well if its that good I might have some!” Hannah said

She had the ast spoon of mince so I waked her  arm and the food went flying

“harry now I don’t get any ?” Hannah said

“sorry, arm spazum” I said

“uggh!” Hannah

“ice-cream?” I asked, I really didn’t want Hannah to eat that because then she would know we are lying

“well that’s all I can have seen there is none of the food I cooked left,” Hannah said

Thank god there is none,

“lets go!” I said

I needed good food to get that out of my mouth.

There was an ice cream shop down the road

The lads didnt go far they just went to the garden to gag

I slowly opened the door so they would stop and relise we were coming

Me, Hannah and Brooke left

“okay, ice cream time!” I said excited




Hannah’s P.O.V

We got massive tubs each of ice-cream and went back to harry and lous apartment and watched movie

I checked the time

“lads I best go if I want to wake up in time for the studio tomorrow, seeyas thank you for an amazing afternoon!” I said

“Han, can I have a lift with you?” Brooke asked

I nodded, we hugged all the lads, I gave harry a kiss and left

Me and Brooke hopped in the car and started driving

“you know they didn’t eat your food,” brooke said

“sure did, saw it in the pot plants,” I replyed

Brooke started laughing



I dropped brooke home, and went back to mine I set an alarm so I coud get up, Holy im nervous tomorrow is my first ever recording day, and it was all for a tour with Little Mix and im dating Harry, Life is good


Hopefully everything will go smoothly tomorrow..



Here is a long chapter, its sort of a filler again, i promis it will get interesting

But please i just want to know if you did want me to keep writing and if you actually like it, because im not really sure,

comment what you think :) and also if any of yous wanted to follow me on twitter my thingy ma bob is @13brookesweeney

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anyway please tell me if you like it :)

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