I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


16. Chapter 16.

Chapter 16

Hannah's P.O.V

“Babe you got to get ready,” I herd someone whispering in my ear

“shh,” I mumred rolling over trying to get some more sleep

“ill get water,” the person whispered,

I sat up I don’t want water chucked on me

I looked to see who is was and how they got in my house

I looked at the person and it was of course harry

“harry, how did you get in?” I asked,

“you should lock your back door,” harry said with a wink

“noted, now why do I have to wake up I don’t have work today?” I asked

“izac wants you to go into the studio and talk about signing you and stuff,” harry said

Wait what!?

“whos signing me with what?” I asked

“izac he is in charge of the label and sign you to the lable obviously” harry said

“oh my god, when do I have to be there ?” I asked

I feel so clueless

“40 minutes?” harry said

“WHAT?” I basically yelled, I jumped out of bed and went into the shower,

“ill make you some breaky,” harry said through the door

“thank you I said,”



Harry was driving me to the lable I was wearing

A big navy and white nitted jumper/dress with black high socks and combat boots, with a skin coloured bag and I just left my hair out because I didn’t have time to do it

“Are you nervous?” Harry asked

“yes, what if I say something wrong or he asks me to sing and I do really bad,” I was nervous as

“you’ll be fine” harry laughed at my freak out

And guess what?” harry said

“what?” I asked

“we are here,” I looked at the building it wasn’t new ive been here with the boys but this time I was here for me

Harry hoped out and so did I

He came around and grabed my hand and we walked into the studio,

I was walking down and I was walking past high celebrities like

Ed Sheeran walked pasted and said “hi” and Beyonce walked past

We were outside im guessing izacs door

“good luck babe, the lads are in the studio and they want me to come,” I harry said to me

“okay thank you,” I replyed Harry leanded down and kissed me the walked back down the hall

I turned around and just looked at the door, okay this is it


I knocked twice on the door

“come in,” I herd izac yell

I slowly opened the door and  walked in,

“hi, im Hannah” I said

“hi Hannah, im izac, take a seat” Izac said mostioning towards a chair

I sat down and there was another knock on the door

“izacw eare sorry were late, “ I herd a girl say her voice was familiar

“come in,” Izac said

Did he accidently double book sort of thing

Four girls walked in and I know why they are fimilar there little mix, and perrie is dating zayn

“girls this is Hannah, she is going on tour with yous if she agrees’ I zac said

I spun my head towards izac did he just say I was going on tour with Little Mix?

“oh right, Hannah I called you here because I want to sign you and get you on a tour and the girls tour is starting soon and since you and Perrie both date members of One direction it was a great I dear and easy

Sorry this is probably happening all a bit quick but if you want to sign with this lable and go on tour with the girls all you have to do is say yes and sign a contract,” Izac said

Well okay, I was trying to think through what he just said

“wait your dating Harrry,” Perrie said

I turned back to her

“yeah” I replyed

She screamed

“ahh, nice to meet you! Everyone but me have met you ive been away,” perrie ran over and hugged me I hugged her back,

“this is jade, “ perrie motioned to Jade she had blue hair, Jade waved

“and this is leigh-ann” perrie pointed to a grl with black hair” she also waved “and that’s jessy,” the last girl waved

“oh my god , im so excited for this tour and your coming with us” perrie said excitedly

“she hasn’t agreed yet,” Izac butted in

I turned my attention back to izac

“so what do you say?” izac asked

This is happening so fast

“uh, yes” I said

“yay!” perrie said

I laughed at her

“okay great,” izac said

And grabbed a contract

Wow that was big

“did you want to read it?” Izac asked

“uh could you just tell me the basics in it?” I asked I didn’t rreaally want to read that whole thing

“uh its just saying you signed your self with us and will make at least 2 albums, just stuff like that,” Izac said

He handed me a pen and I signed it

“thank you,” I said

:that’s okay, thank you can you come back tomorrow to record some stuff because the tour starts very soon,” izac said


I got up and perrie hugged me again

And the other girls did to

“were going to have a 5th sister now!” jade said excitedly

“oh and girls, I would like you to do some bonding befor the tour starts,” Izac said

“okay,” jessy said

We left the office

“ so where are you going now Hannah?” Leigh-ann asked me

“well the lads are here so probably just going to go wait for them to finish,” I said

“wait zayn is here?” perrie asked

I nodded and she took off down the hall

“I better go seeya,” I said to jade, leigh-ann and jessy

“wait whast your number?” jade asked

“so we can text you about hanging out,” jessy added

I gave them my number

“seeyas,” I waved

“bye!” they all said

I started walking down to the boys studio

There was again a spare studio I quckly walked in there I shut the sound proof rooms door,

I didn’t record anything I just

Screamed of excitement, I was jumping up and down!

I just got signed with a singing lable

“AAAAAAHHH!” I screamed

I calmed down and fixed my hair a little and left

I walked into the boys studio,

I opened the door and I was covered with hugs as soon as I steped foot in there except zayn, him and perrie were catching up on the couh

I laughed and tried to get the boys off of me

“stop!” I said laughing a little

Still trying to get the boys off of me

They finally let go

And harry came up to me

“congradualations!” harry said

“how did you know?” I asked harry

“one, I have known for a bit that Izac wanted to sign you, plus perrie told us quickly,” Harry said

I laughed

“and did she tell you im going on tour with them soon?” I asked harry

“No, that’s great babe, I was wondering a bit how she new oyu got signed and how she knew you” harry said laughing a little

“yeah we just met, she so friendly” I sadi laughing a little

“I have to tell brooke!” I said

“okay, you can take the car if you want and then after go back to lous and mine and we can hang out,” Harry said

“okay, thank you,” I sadi going to leave again even though I only just got there

“uh babe you need the keys,” harry said

“right,” I sadi and turned around harry handed me the keys and I kissed him

“seeya everybody” i waved

“bye,” they all said

Left the studio to go to tell Brooke the news



Sorry the chapters aren’t long, but Ill try make them better and stuf,, im sorry please keep reading it will get better

Hope yous like it,

Comment what you think please :D

And honestly your commetns have been to sweet

I love you all xo

~Brooke xx

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