I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


15. Chapter 15.

Chapter 15.

Niall’s P.O.V

Holy shit balls, Hannah is a good singer!

She walked of the stage and me and the lads went back on the stage

“how good was that?” I asked the crowed in the microphone

No one screamed, The girls all just had there mouths open, in awwh

“Spechless I see” Harry said “I told you she was talented” The fasns clapped again

Everything about you came on and we started singing


Hannah’s P.O.V

The boys did a great show,

I went on twitter while the boys were getting changed


@Harrrrrygirl: @HannahS_LHooper im so sorry I sent you hate you are beautiful and talented, HANRRY 4EVA!

Hanrry, that’s souds special..

@1Daresexygods: @HannahS_LHooper so bloody talented! Follow me? Amazing concert still speechless from you singing! X

I followed her im guessing

@Harry’sCupcakes: @HannahS_LHooper and @Harry_Styles cutest couple! Arrg I want a relationship like them!

I replyed to @HannahS_LHopper: @Harry’sCupcakes don’t worry babe you will find mr perfect, thank you :D x

As I sent that tweet Harry walked through the door

I stood up and jumped in harry’s arms

“Thank you” I kissed him

“Beautiful girl you said thank you before” he laughed

“ I know but  thank you again” I said and kissed Harry,

“PDA GUYS p. d. a.” Zayn said with the other three  

I looked at the four ideots in the door way and laughed Liam was covering Nialls eyes again

“you can uncover his eyes now we have stoped,” I said to Liam

Liam removed his hand from Nialls eyes

And I quickly kissed harry, then started laughing

Liam tried to put his hand over nialls face but accidently hit him in the face, that made us all nearly fall n the ground of laughter.

When we all calmed down, we sat on the couches, Niall was rubbing his nose while liam was next to him smiling

I stood up

“Guys im really hungry!” I said

“me too! Lets get some food!” Niall said standing and coming to my side

We were looking at the lads hoping they would take us to get food

“Yep what do we want?”

“Nandos!” niall said

“nooo, mcdonalds!” I said

“Nah lets have pizza!” Lou said

“Lets vote” harry said “hand up for macdonalds” I threw my hand up and zayn did to

“nandos?” Nialls hand went up and so did liams

“okay, that’s 2 on 2 pizza?” Louis hand went up and so did harrys

“well that didn’t work” I said

“wait I have a idear!” I said


We were on the stage

“okay first team to get to the other side of the stage wins what they want to eat,” I explained

I got on the ground on push up position, we were having wheel barrow races, Paul was at the other end to say who won

“GO” I yelled and flicked my feet up to zayn

I was moving as fast as I could, I turned my head and harry went to fast and Louis face squished on Liam was going slowly

“Faster zayn faster!” I screamed

And all the boys cracked up Louis dropped because he was laughing so hard, I didn’t care me and zayn crossed the line!

“Yay we win!” I screamed

Zayn also fell to the floor laughing, okay what did I say?

“What happened?” I asked

“faster zayn faster!” Louis said through laughs

Oh now I got it

“no as in go faster

Wait no like for the race go faster so we can get ther..

Oh forget it” I said crossing my arms

Harry came over

“its okay babe,” he said out loud while pulling me on for a hug, I still had my arms crossed while he was hugging me

He than whispered in my ear “ I bet I can go faster” I pushed harry off me

“Seriously?” I asked harry

He just nodded

“well any way me and zayn won so lets go” I said

“me and you would have been faster than you and zayn” harry said with a wink

“stop” I said trying not to laugh

All the other boys looked like they were going to pee themselves

“paul help me!” I said I was really hungry

“lads if you don’t come now, I take Hannah and run away!” paul teesed

This caused me to start laughin

“BOYS NOW IN THE CAR GO GO GO !” harry yelled pushing them of the stage to go to the car

And sprinted off the stage

“it worked,” Paul said

I laughed and

Paul started walking

“you coming?” Paul asked

“can I just have 10 minutes?” I asked

“yeah but I thought you were the one who wanted to leave?” he asked smiling

“yeah but I just need a bit” I smiled at Paul

“okay, don’t take to long, “ Paul said

“I wont,”

And Paul left,

I turned around at the empty arena, 30 minutes ago this was filled with screaming girls, and I performed in front of them

I went to the edge of the stage and sat down

I still had the adrenaline, I cant believe it

I just sat there trying to take it in

I felt someone sit beside me and put there arm around me

I looked over and sure enough it was Harry

He looked at me than kissed me

“you did amazing babe,” harry said

“thank you, but the feeling of performing for the first time gave me such a rush, I mean I have always dreamed of performing and thanks to you I just did,” I said looking at harry

“well I just make dreams come true,” Harry said smirking

I laughed a little then looked in his eyes “but seriously you made my wildest dream come true, thank you”

“its okay babe, the lads helped” harry said

I kissed him again

“want to go get that food now?” harry asked

“yep,” I said

I looked out at the arena and smiled again,

Harry stood up and held out his hand

“lets go,”

I grabed harrys hand snd we walked out to the car..



Sorry this is a really short chapter

Its just a filler

Comment what you think :) I will try update as fast as possible :D Hope you all like it

~Brooke xx

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