I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


13. Chapter 13.

Chapter 13.

Hannah’s P.O.V

Harry had to go to the toilet so he said to wait for him at my car,

I was walking around the studio to leave,

I finally found the exit,

I walked out and hopped in the car..


I waited for about five minutes until harry came and hopped in,

He had the camera again..

“why are you bringing this camera every where?” I said giggiling a little bit

“because, I like videoing !” Harry said

He turned it on and started videoing,

I smiled and waved in the camera, then started laughing

“so where too?” I asked harry

“the park!” harry said excitedly

“what!? I haven’t been to the park since I was little girl !” I said excitedly

I was driving When the oldest song came on

I turned it up and started singing

“Apple bottom jeans jeans boots with fur!” then started laughing

Harry was videoing me, so I did a little dance for him, and he started laughing so did i




We arrived at the park, we were walking hand in hand,

Harry put the camera on a bench,

He grabbed my hand and we started walking away from the camera

I put my head back and started laughing

He is so weird

I let go of his hand,

“Go, get the camera I want to do something,”

Harry nodded and walked to get the camera,

As harry was walking I ran up behind him and jumped on his back,

We both fell to the ground,

I couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny holy !

I got up and brushed myself off,

I put my hand out for harry to help him up, He grabbed my hand and I used all my strength to pull him up, once he was up I went on my tippy toes and kissed him

Harry grabed his phone

“Kiss me again” he said as I pulled away


I kissed him and smiled in the kiss he took and a photo,

“Silly face,”

I put my tonge out and did the same,

An elderly lady was walking by

Harry walked over to her

After a bit of talking to her

He handed her the phone, he came to my side and put his arm around my waist

He whispered in my ear “smile..”

He nodded to the women

She kept clicking on the phone, I started laughing, harry was pully faces

I looked up and smiled at him

I looked back to the camera and smiled, I could feel harry looking at me, it made me blush..

We got one normal one, and when I thought we where done, he picked me up in bridal stride, I started smiling like goof.

When we finished getting about 1 million photos, Harry went and got his phone off the chick

“I have to go babe, sorry important business has to be done” he kissed me and started walking

“Do you want a lift?” I yelled out to harry

“nah, Paul is mad that I left and sent a car for me” harry turned and smiled

“bye” I waved

He waved and hoped in a black van that I only just saw, what?

Owell I hopped in my car and went home..


Harry’s P.O.V

This is going to be a long night…


Hannah’s P.O.V

I just got home from work, when me and harry left the park yesterday I just watched movies,


I harry was going to be here in an hour, I have to get ready for the concert


I had a quick shower,

I got out and got dressed, I put on my black tights and a loose flowed grey  top, and black heels.

I put my make up on and went down stairs

As I reached the bottom of my stairs, I heard my phone ding,

Uggh, I feel really lazy right now because Im not really bothered to go grab my phone,

I went to the kitchen grabbed a banana and thn went u to my room I grabbed my phone and harry texted

From Harry: Nearly there babe xx

To Harry: okaa

*ding dong ding dong*

I guess he is here, I closed my phone,

And went down stairs and opened the door

Harry kissed my cheek

“ready ?” harry asked

“yep” I grabbed my wallet and left

The black van that Harry hopped in yesterday was here

Me and Harry hopped in the car and all the other lads were in the car

“Heey lads” I said as I hoped in a seat

They hall waved

We arrived at the arena

“Lads this way to hair and make-up” a lady with the headphones with pushed the lads into a room

“and you follow paul to your seat the lads will be on in 15 minutes,” She pushed me towards Paul

“hi,” I smiled and waved at Paul,

“hey, did you want to follow me?” Paul asked

I nodded,

When me and paul finally reached our seats, it took 10 miutes just to find where I was and I was even front row, this areana is massive there must be like 10,000 people here,

I was looking around and when I herd the screaming get a lot louder I saw the boys running on the stage,

I started clapping,


The screaming got even louder

The tune of Heart Attack came on..


the concerts been going for 30 minutes and the atmosphere is amazing

“so how is everyone?” harry asked

“goood!” everyone yelled

This concert was amazing I was having so much fun, the fans didn’t realise who I was or they just didn’t care

“okay, I know this is normally the part of the show where we answer twitter questions but I have something more important to do,”

Harry said and the lads walked off the stage

“a couple weeks ago I met Hannah,” what is he doing

A big spot light went on me,

Uh what happening…




Haaha, sorry guys thought I would have a chapter based on the surprise, and I don’t know if yous will guess what harrys going to do,

Yous all probably think he will just say a speech but that’s not what happens,

Comment what you think and I will update

Sorry this is short but I might update later :D

Hope yous like my story so far :)

i might update again tonight 

~brooke x

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