I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


12. Chapter 12.

Chapter 12.


Hannah’s P.O.V


I feel like shit.

Geez harry, seems like he doesn’t even care that I was upset, honestly mavbey he believe’s it and just doesn’t want to tell me

I pulled my self together a little bit, well at least to get of a bed room floor, I got dressed into an oversized white nitted jumper, and chucked my hair up in a messy bun and put black socks on because my feet where cold. I fixed my make up and got over it.


Harry left an hour ago, I just want him back here with me. I opened the curtains to let light in, and I heard the doorbell ring, I looked out my window and tried to see who was at the door, it was harry! I turned around and ran to him, I opened the door and he pulled me in his arms.

“your back ?” I said

“and your happier,”

I smiled, just harry being here made me feel better, it makes me think he didn’t believe those things and if he didn’t then I didn’t.


I looked at harry’s hands just noticing he had a guitar and video camera in his hands,


“um, what is this for?” I ask motinioning to his hands


“ you are going to write a song with me” harry says and walks over to the lounge

I follow and add “and the camera?” im going to video if something funny happenes


“um, okay…”


Harry was right, when I was a young teenager I used to write songs to get my feelings out,


Whats different why not, ill have a crack but honestly I don’t think I will ever get used to this hate its horrible but as harry said I shouldn’t believe their words


I want everyone to know no matter what they say words wont bring me down!




After 3 hours of writing I finally finished my song,


I put my guitar next to me on the couch, harry was still videoing me after 3 hours, of just song writing and mucking around


“Done!” I did a little dance and smiled for the camera.

 I got up “Hungry?” I asked harry

“yep!” I grabbed harrys hand that wasn’t videoing, and started walking down the halli turned arounda dn started laughing “stop videoing now,” I looked forward and laughed and turned around and he was still videoing, I laughphed and put my hand over the camera screen.

“ fine, off “ harry shut the camera,

“thank you, now what do you want?” I asked as we entered the kitchen

“pancackes!” harry said

“okay,” I walked over to the pantry


Harry’s P.O.V

I quickly made the camera record and put it on, and walked over to Hannah,

Hannah’s P.O.V


Harry came over as I finished getting the ingrediets out,

“can you grab the flour ?” I asked harry because it was too high for me to get

Harry nodded and grabbed it off the top shelf, and next to the mixing bowl,

I turned around to grab the flour, as I turned a big thing of flour was thrown on me,

“AAH” I halfed screamed then laughed

I grabbed some and chucked it at harry,

We kept having a food fight when harry grabbed the whipped cream, I squeeled and covered my face thinking he was going to spray it, I peeked through my hands, and saw harry had put it on his cheek,

“you have a little something there,” I pointed to harry’s cheek

“where?” harry asked moving his tongue to try and get the whipped cream he put on his cheek

“there,” I pointed to his cheek,

“I cant get it, mabey you should kiss it, to get rid of it” harry said with a wink,

I leaned in to kiss his cheek, and at the last minute he turned his head I kissed his lips,

“gotcha,” harry said and then kissed me again, I smiled in the kiss and pulled away and grabbed the cream,


I sprayed a love heart on him,

“and I got you.” I said then started laughing and so did harry.


“Babe, I have to go freshen up, ill text you when im done and we can do something, you might want to clean up as well beautiful,” harry said


I looked down because I was blushing

“okay, bye,” I smiled and kissed harry,


“He walked over to the table and grabbed his camera and left,

 I headed up stairs to have a shower, I hopped out of the shower and put on a big loose grey T-Shirt and black socks, and went back down stairs.


I cleaned my kitchen up after Harry and mines food fight,

I was really cold, even inside, I made a hot chocolate and  hot chips, and sat on the couch, with a blanket and watched The notebook…


Bad Choice.


I was crying so hard by the end of the movie!


I herd my phone buzz, I grabbed it with a tear still running down my face, I looked at my phone and it was a


Text from Harry: Sorry, have to go to the studio want to come ? xx


Im going to go because mabey, there is a free studio. And mabey I cann record my song,


To Harry: Yeah sure babe, am I meeting you there or will you pick me up ? xx

Text from Harry: Meet me there please ?xx

To Harry: okay, just going to get changed



I had a shower and got changed into my beige nitted jumper with a black collar and my black leather pants. I put my black lace up heels on and did a tight braid at the front of my hair and left the rest out over my sholders.


I went down stairs grabbed my phone, and headed to the lads studio..


Harry’s P.O.V


After I went home and had a shower, I went to the studio.


I got the boys to meet me there,


To Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis: Meet me at the studio ASAP, its important!


I then went to Izacs office, and told him my plan.

I quickly texted Hannah: Sorry, have to go to the studio want to come ? xx


From Hannah: Yeah sure babe, am I meeting you there or will you pick me up ? xx

To Hannah: Meet me there please ?xx

From Harry: okay, just going to get changed xx


I then got the sign saying

“done with this room,

Feel free to record!”


I put it on the room next to ours..


I went in and put cammeras from lots of angles around the room I used about 6 cameras,


The lads arrived and helped me put them on record,

I got a text


From Hannah: Babe, im here x

Where do I meet you ?


To Hannah:

Me and the lads studio, im recording now so you can rome around if you want xx


Hannah’s P.O.V

Nah, Ill go straight to the lads I love watching Harry record

I was walking down the hall to go to the boys studio, I stopped at a studio that said “Done with this room,

Feel Free To Record !”


Yay, I can go in and sing my song!


I walked in, the lights were still on, there was a stool in this one, and instriments pushed up at the back,


 I walked into the sound proof room,


I grabbed a guitair and sat on the stool,


I put the headphones on and started strumming..



Don't look at me

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down... Oh no
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The pieces gone, left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down, oh, no
So don't you bring me down today...

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what we say
(no matter what we say)
We're the song inside the tune
Full of beautiful mistakes

And everywhere we go
(and everywhere we go)
The sun will always shine
(sun will always shine)
And tomorrow we might wake on the other side

We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down, oh, no
So don't you bring me down today

Oh, yeah, don't you bring me down today, yeah
Don't you bring me down ooh... today

(Authors note: copywrite to Christiane agiluira )

I had a tear down my face, I wiped it away, I tooked the head phones off and left.

I went down to the lads studio.


I walked in, 

" hey everybody," i waved as i walked in

they all hugged me, 

after the group hug harry sat down on the couch next to me,


"so why did you have to come in last minute?" i asked harry


"well, there is a concert tommorow night, at the 02 arena, that was just announced this morning and they wanted us to practice some vocals and stuff" harry explained


"okay, so does that mean i wont get to spened tomorow night with you?" i asked, hoping he would invite me


"guess so," harry said, oh



"im only joking babe, come ?" harry asked




"lets go then," harry stood up off the couch and grabbed my hand


"um, harry we sort of just got here," i asked confused at why we were leaving so early


"well, eerrh, we are done now, lets go!" harry said 


hw didnt seem to sure about hsi answer, owell

i took harry;s hand and we left...




Hope you's Like it ! 

next chapter you will all find out harry's plan,

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