I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


11. Chapter 11.


Okay guys this might be a sad chapter, not for Harry and Hannah’s relationship but for Hannah,

Now Hannah is based on my friend but this hole chapter is not going to be anything like her,


So Hannah don’t take this chapter personal 1 bit, you are perfect !


And im sorry I skip far ahead its just I felt like the sotry was going really slow and I have to get the plot started if yous don’t like this chapter comment and I will delete it and make it different, what ever yous want


Any way here we go..



Chapter 11.


1 week later



Hannah’s P.O.V


It was lunch break


I went out the back, and every since me and harry have been dating I know only been like a week but still,


I check my twitter for hate, I have never mentioned it but over the past week with Harry I  have been getting a lot of hate in a short period of time, and trust me I know what yous are all thinking oh its just hate because they are jelous that you and Harry are dating and that u should get over it but its actually really painfull,


“@Gab_wantsharry: @HannahS_LHooper you’re an ugly slut, don’t even know what harry see’s in you? YOU BITCH GO DIE


@Abbs1Dxo: @HannahS_LHooper: yuck, I feel like throwing uo when I see you. Ewwy.


@Hazza’sHands: @HannahS_LHooper: yuck. Go die bitch.


@LARRY: @HannahS_LHooper and @EleanorJCalder are just fake girlfriends. LARRY ALL THE WAY”


Its only been a week and nearly every hour I am getting tweets like that, today just feels like shit, its raning cold and the hate is growing, I honestly don’t think I cant take this. No I know I cant.


I grabbed my bag and just ran out the store with tears streaming down my face, why do people hate me what have I done,


Eleanor, Perrie and Eleanor didn’t get this much hate at the start, what if it doesn’t end.


I feel fat and ugly. I got in my car and drove home,


I got home, there was a note on the door,


“Hey babe, was needed in the studieo,

Might come over after

~H xx”


I ripped the note off the door, im not mad at harry im just really upset. I opened the door, and ran upstairs and shut my bedroom door.


I dropped everything to the ground and ran into my bathroom, I leaned over the bathroom sink and looked at myself in the mirror,


My eyes where red, I had mascara everywhere, I ripped my cloths off so I was just in my bra and undies, I moved back in the mirror so I could see my body,


I was fat, and ugly.


I slid down the shower door and out my head in my hands and just cried, this was all too much and its only been a week.

Harry’s P.O.V


We all got called to the recording studio,


I met all the lads there but everyone who was with the lable where here, we were all standing in a huddle, I wonder what this is about ?


Izac the person in charge of the lable stood on a hight black box so he could see us all even though there was only like 30singers here


“Okay, now that everybody is here


The other day we found a recording, of We Are Who We Are by little mix

In the machines, it was found in the room Ariana was recording in,


So Ariana was it you and if not do you know who went in after ?” Izac asked


“no that wasn’t me, and I just left a sign saying feel free to record in ?” Ariana stated


“Okay, well

The voice didn’t sound familiar so we think it was a visitor using the booth, We have it here and we are going to play it for you, speak up if you think you know who it is please,” Izac pointed to Angus and he pressed play on the sterio


It was a girl, the voice sounded so familiar…


Who is it!?


It was on the tip of my tongue !


Arrg who is it !?




I was thinking for a bit until


Well you could say the light bolb switched on..


“THAT’S HANNAH !” I screamed over the music,


The music stopped and everyone looked at me


“are you positive ?” izac asked




We bought her here last week, and she went off for a bit


She must have accidently found the room and recorded a song,


Its her voice and she was singing it at her house the other day!” I stated


“well if you are sure, can you come to my office and everyone may leave or go back to reording..” izac said,


When the crowed disappeared I went to Izac’s office,


I knocked on the door twice until he let me in


“okay, well Hannah is it ? “ I nodded “well, her voice is very good and the lable wants to sign her, do you think she would be up for it ?” Izac asked


“Yes, can I tell her ?” I asked


“sure, goodbye harry,” Izac said,


I was already out the door,


“thank you,” I said and left.


The lads had questions about what I had to talk about Izac with but I said I would tell them later, I wanted to go wait for Hannah at her house…


I got to her house and the note I had put there was gone,


Mabey she was home early? I opened the door and straight away I herd crying,


I ran upstairs straight away as fast as I could incase Hannah was in trouble, I got to her room, I opened the door and her stuff was dropped on the floor, no one is here what is she crying about ?


I could hear where she was, she was in the bathroom..


I didn’t bother knocking, I opened the door and Hannah was leaning on the shower door in her bra and undies with her head in her hands crying,


I straight away went over to her and put my arm around her,


I rubbed her back and whispered in her ear


“whats wronge babe, are you okay ?”


She looked up at me, her mascara was running down her face and she looked so weak and broken…


“im ugly and fat, no one likes me and I might as well be dead,” she whimpered


“what !? “ I asked completely shocked


“why would you ever say say that and let alone think that ?!” I asked


“your fans, I get like 400 hate tweets every hour, and I believe it..” she whispered the last part


“you cant think that you are beautiful, no matter what they say ! don’t believe a word of it it is not true one bit” I was angery


“BUT I DO BELIEVE IT, the words hurt Harry” she whispered the last part.


Okay I have an idear, but Hannah is going to think I am an absolute dick but I need her to know how beautiful she really is!


“well, get better call El or Brooke they can help, have to go bye” and that was it I stood up and left,


Okay that was the dickiest and hardest thing a boyfriend has ever done.


I just had to walk out on my beautiful girlfriend, who was crying, weak, broken on the bathroom floor,


I just hope it works…



Hope you like it,


harry geez, 

are yous wondering what his plan is? i mean why would he just leave Hannah


adn okay this chapter wasnt that ssad, ahah. 


comment what you think :D 


and i might update soon and yous will know Harrys plan !


~Brooke :D

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