I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


10. Chapter 10.



Hannah’s P.O.V


Im drunk, with Harry Styles my BOYFRIEND! In a…





“This is going ot be fun,” harry said excitedly as he ran over to the gummy bears,


I started laughing at how childish we were being but I guess we weren’t to sober so it doesn’t matter,


I ran away from harry and this Candy store was pretty massive, I was walking down all the isle's to look for somethign to throw at harry,

i was walking down an isle and i found candy Spray,

I chose the strawberry one, because well strawberries smell nice and taste good !

"Harry, quick come here !" i yelled at harry getting in position to spray him with the candy spray.

i herd harry yelling 


I heard harry yelling







where are you babe ?”


I could hear that he was close, i slowly looked up the shelf and i saw harry's feet....




I jumped out and harry was right there I sprayed him with candy string then ran off laughing,i just herd a faint yell from harry

"its on!"

  I accidently  , I ran away screaming and laughing,

i stopped to see if i could hear harry anywhere,

i couldnt,

i ran down the open part of the store when i herd

"STOP right there, put your hands up and turn around!"


It felt like hunger games, i was going to die, metaphorically,

i put my hads up and slowly turned around, 

Harry was standing there with, mash mellows in his hands

he started getting closer,


he was a meter away and



i quickly turned around ran !


I herd harry quick on my footsteps,i was running when i felt the mash mellows hit my back.

Harry grabbed me and whispered in my ear “I win,” 

I started laughing and he spun me around 


He put me down and I turned to face hime,

he grabbed my hand adn got down on one knee

what the hell is happening...


"Hannah Sue-Lynn Hooper, will you..." harry paused for a bit

"be mine," i laughed and nodded he put one of those love heart lollies in my hand that said 

"b mine ?" it was so cute but then harry started laughing 

"your face was prceless!" harry said between laughs 

"shut up !" i said and ran down and found a big fairy floss machiene

We started up the fairy floss machine

I grabbed a little bit of fairy floss and stuck it on harry’s face,

He did the same to me

Harry looked so silly, I couldn’t stop laughing,

What is with me when im drunk I can never stop laughing I will laugh at the stupidest things, geez!  Owell !


Harry took out his phone,


“3..2…1. SMILE” harry said

While holding his phone out to get a photo, I was still laughing so I don’t know if I was actually looking at the photo,


My phone buzzed and I pulled it out in case it was important but  all I saw was



Crazy girlfriend,

She can’t stop laughing


@HannahS_LHooper “


I favourite and RT and said



Dunno why I am replying over twitter when you are right next to me watching me reply ?? haha @Harry_Styles “

I looked up and harrys phone buzzed,


I was expecting it was because I just tweeted him but it wasn’t


“Lou just texted to meet them on the street again the cops are gone,” Harry said


“we just got here and this is so much fun !” I sadi wanting to stay


He laughed and grabbed my hand, I didn’t put up a fight I just went with him.


We left the candy shop,


Harry’s P.O.V


       Me and Hannah where walking down the ally hand in hand, she was laughing and I don’t even know why, but it was cute.


We reached the street and saw everyone laughing and looking at Brooke’s phone,


“uh, hi guys whats so funny ?” I asked


“wh..ee..rre whh…eere y…ou g..uys ?” Zayn asked between laughs


“ we hide in a candy store” I told them relising they must have seen the picture or they where just curious,


“WHAT!? And I wasn’t invited ?” niall askedor basically shouted.


“sorry” I said

Just a simple sorry,


“c.mon lets get back we don’t want to go to jail do we ? nooo

Didn’t think so !” Hannah said


Niall was the first to start walking, I guess someone is cranky

Hannah ran up behind him and jumped on his back,


He must not have know because, straight away they both fell to the ground,


Everyone started peeing themselves laughing,


Tonight has got to be one of the best nights…



Guys I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in a while ! I have been busy and also I’m scared yous won’t like the new chapters, im sorry if yous don’t


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By the way for yous who wanted to know I don’t think yous will care but my name is Brooke.


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Here is an update/ add to the chapter


This Update is to Amira


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good day and like my update!


Hannah’s P.O.V


I woke up once again, with a sore head but I was cuddled up to someone, I yawned and looked up expecting to see harry but no,

I looked up and saw a clown,


“morning” the clown said


“oh I guess its time..

TO KILL YOU!” the clown jumped out of the bed with a knife




It went black for a second and I sat up with a bit of sweat

I looked around and I was in my room,


Oh it was a dream,


Harry was next to me and still was asleep I went on twitter and looked at my mentions because well im bored,


“@Amira: It’s my birthday could you and harry make my day and give me a follow please ? #pleasewithacherryontop !”


“@HannahS_LHooper: sure beautiful,

Happy birthday we shall give you a follow ! “


I followed Amira and leaned over and grabbed Harry’s phone


@Harry_Styles: Happy birthday to the beautiful @Amira ! :D xx


And then followed her and hopped off his phone before he woke up and thought I was snooping like a jealous girlfriend !


I got up and one thing about my dream right was I did have a pretty sore head! I felt something in my bra and pulled out a marsh mellow; I laughed at what we did last night then grabbed a asprin.


I swallowed the Asprin and remembered I had work !


Shit !


I went upstairs and grabbed my phone

I turned it on to check the time                                

9:00 !



Shit !


I start work at 10:00, and its like a 20 minuted drive !


Why is London so big ?


I jumped in the shower and it was so warm,

I didn’t want to get out, but I did


I grabbed my towel and straightened my hair, I put it in a pony


And grabbed my jeans and big black jumper, I put it on and my pink heels and kissed harry on the forhead


He groned which ment he was listening


“have to go to work babe, bye,” I ran down stairs and left.



I arrived at work a few minutes early,

I went to star bucks to get a coffee befor work


I got my coffee and went into the shop


I walked in to Eleanor and Brooke in the same state as me oh god, today will be special…


Im so sorry guys this is the shortest chapter but I have a whole math assignment due tomorrow, and I wanted to update for Amira :D

Happy Birthday!

~ Brooke :D

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