My mirror boy

You are a normal teenager and you move to London and don't know anyone. Until you meet Zayn Malik who becomes your best friend and you start having feelings for him and he does too. Your mom left you with your dad and then Zayn may tell you his feelings about you but that is for me 2 know and for you guys 2 find out hope you like…


1. How we meet

Emily get up it is time to get ready for school. You get out of bed and drag yourself to the bathroom and take a shower you brush your teeth and get dressed in black skinny jeans a green t-shirt and black vans you curl your hair in tight curls and run down stairs. You see your mom and dad fighting as usual and you eat a banana and then grab your phone and back pack. You walk out the door without saying anything to your parents. You only have one friend named Natalie and you two walk to school together. When you saw Natalie at the stop sign you rushed over to hug here and you two start talking about the main topic 1 Direction. Then a voice behind you two said "so you girls LOVE 1 Direction". You two looked at each other and said yup we LOVE LOVE them
"Who is your favorite"? You burst out and say I love Zayn and Natalie said Niall. The boy in a hoodie looked about our age and went to our school and he walk up next to you and say well I am the Zayn Malik that you LOVE LOVE and you are very pretty. You blush and say y-y-you are the Zayn Malik!!!! Uh yeah but please you guys don't scream please. Natalie said OMN Emily your dream Lover you say yeah but I am only a fan. Uhh girls I am still here you two look at him and say oh yeah sorry about that. Uh it is ok hey do you want to be friends he asked. You look up at Natalie and you two say yes. Natalie asked if he went to our school and he did and to our surprise he was in all our classes and we never noticed him at all. You three walked to school in an awkward silence all until Natalie ask we're Niall. He responded with oh he is probably at school already Natalie was surprised that he went to our school. She asked if all the boys went to our school and they all did. You finally made it to school
You are alone with Natalie: You say OMN I can't believe they go to our school yeah I know right
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