My mirror boy

You are a normal teenager and you move to London and don't know anyone. Until you meet Zayn Malik who becomes your best friend and you start having feelings for him and he does too. Your mom left you with your dad and then Zayn may tell you his feelings about you but that is for me 2 know and for you guys 2 find out hope you like…


2. Confused

Don't act crazy Natalie you say as you point to her.
Natalie: but they're the one direction
you: yeah but they have to Treated be like me regular people!!
Zaynwalks up
oh Hi you say and Natalie just smiled and waved you guys become best friends.

One month later hello said Zayn you and Zayn had a connection ever since you met. Hi Zane how are you today Zayn & good to see you
Natalie: hey Zane how's it going
Zayn: everything is good how about you Natalie: fine thanks ih hey do you think we'll ever meet the rest of the boys
Zayn: of course would you guys like to come over today and have a sleepover with us
you& Natalie : yesssss!!!!!
Zayn: cool lets go then
Zayn's point of view
I can't wait for Emily and Natalie to come over I am going to make my move on Emily tonight.
I think Niall would like Natalie and I already know Natalie loves Niall.
Zayn: ok you guys want me to walk you home to get your stuff and then go to my house with the boys? They were soooooo excited. Emily was soooo happy but she didn't want to fangirl I could tell. I like that about her. I walked Emily to her house first and she ran upstairs and got Pajamas skinny jeans and a black T-shirt with her varsities Jacket. She wrote a note to her parents and we went to Natalie's house which was down the street. We finally made it to my house and I called the boys over. Emily just sat on my couch and I did the stupidest thing I could ever do. I sat next to her and grabbed her hand. She was in shock I quickly pulled away put my hands in my pockets and told her I was sorry and thank god that the boys got there before she could say anything
Your Point of view
OMN I was shocked that Zayn grabbed my hand I have to tell Natalie then the door bell rang and that scared me Zayn quickly apologized and ran to the door before I could say anything at all. All that I could hear was "ello mate"
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