You're Not Alone Anymore

I've been alone for....4 months? I can't even tell anymore. I thought if I lived through those...undead freaks I'd be okay. But I'm starving. Please won't someone find me...


8. Wellden

Connor's P.O.V

It's dark out, and kind of cold. Claire, Mia, the boys, Jolene, and Matt were sleeping. Mia was curled into a ball, shaking. I still don't think she trust's us, or at least no one but Claire. Claire was curled up next to Mia, If you didn't know them you woulda' thought they were sisters.

Everything was quiet, but what do ya' expect? Its the damn apocalypse. "FUCK! HOLD ON!" The car came to a quick stop.

Mia P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Ian yelling, and the car stopping suddenly. "SHIT! EVERYONE OUT!" Ian yelled. I grunted and jumped out, helping Claire down. "Now what the hell is the matter?" Owen asked. "Well look for yourself!" A bunch of broken down cars blocking the way. "Maybe we could go around?" Jolene asked. I sighed and spoke up "Or we could just walk are good cover if any of the Geeks come around, Just check under the cars." 


"Im tired as shit, and there is a big ass RV, lets just spend the night there. Who's gonna check if its alright with me? Owen, Connor?" Ian asked. They both nodded "Hey, I'm gonna borrow your bat, I'll take care of it." Connor winked and disappeared into the RV. A second later Ian called and said it was all right, I was the last to get in though. Jolene, and the kids slept on the small bed, while Matt and Ian slept on the tiny couch, Owen slept in a chair with his head down, Connor and me sat on the floor.

"You know you could have moved Owen and slept in the chair right?" He chuckled quietly. "No I'm alright. Let him sleep, and for what it looks like, he hasn't slept in days." I smiled. "What about you?" He asked. "I slept...2 days ago? I dont know...i try to stay awake for as long as I can." I shrugged. It was true, I couldnt sleep, what if one of those things got me? 

"Well you're safe now, go to sleep" I set my head in his lap, as he played with my hair. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

(sorry it took so long! D: and i tried! i really did!)



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