You're Not Alone Anymore

I've been alone for....4 months? I can't even tell anymore. I thought if I lived through those...undead freaks I'd be okay. But I'm starving. Please won't someone find me...


5. Vote

"Alright what did ya get out of her?" Ian ask. "Uh she's been alone for a while, barley eating, ya know livin' off berries. She came into town for a little food and uh...she had to uh...kill her family." Connor whispered the last part.
"Oh my. Dear I am so sorry." Jolene patted my hand. "Well we need to vote. Y'all know that. I vote she stays. Joe?" Ian asked. "I vote she stays. Connor? Owen?" she smiled. "I say she stays. She'll probably starve by herself." Connor stated. "Well who the hell is gonna give her part of their food? Sure as hell won't be me. I vote she goes." Owen says with a pissed look plastered to his face. "Owen's right. I vote she goes,she's just another mouth to feed." Matt crossed his arms over his chest. "Neil? What do you think?" Matt asked. She sighed "I'm sorry but I say she goes. We don't have enough food to go around."
It was three yes's and three no's. Does that mean I'm out? "Wait! Don't I get a vote?" Claire asked. I looked at her surprised. Was she sticking up for me? "Of course you do." Connor said hopefully. "Mia is nice! And she looks really hungry, I vote she stays." Claire walked over to me and grabbed my hand.
"Well shit then. She's staying."
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