You're Not Alone Anymore

I've been alone for....4 months? I can't even tell anymore. I thought if I lived through those...undead freaks I'd be okay. But I'm starving. Please won't someone find me...


4. Trust

"We almost died because of this asshole and his yelling!" a older man had shouted. "Matt please calm down,we're going to be fine. But we need to know what we are going to do with her." a woman pointed at me.
"Everyone calm down, Honey take the kids and settle down over there." She nodded and rounded up the children into the back corner. "Connor and Owen find out what you can from her and for the love of god feed her. Matt please just sit down and relax before you have a heartattack. And Neil I need you to be on watch."
Two boys, who I assumed were Connor and Owen, sat me down. I felt a little startled that the taller one held a gun. "Alright...Uh Mia right? Well I need you to tell me how you lived through this and why were you heading here. I'm Connor by the way, that's Owen" he pointed at his brother "And that over there is Ian and Jolene, their married and those are thier boys, Ethan and Aaron. The little girl was found by herself, Claire, the old prick over their is Matt and the girl on watch is Neil."
I didn't say a word, though I felt myself staring at the gun. Connor must have noticed because he spoke up "Damn Owen put that thing away, before you shoot someone. Just go find her something to eat alright?" Owen rolled his eyes and walked away. "Alright, now are you gonna talk? Cause' if you don't Ian's gonna be pissed." he chuckled.
"I-I came into t-town to..." I stopped. What was I doing? Who knows if I can trust these people? "It's alright you can tell me, I swear I won't hurt you" Connor pressed. He grabbed my hand "Jeez! You're freezing!" he unzipped his sweatshirt and set it around my sholders. Maybe...I could trust them...or him?
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