You're Not Alone Anymore

I've been alone for....4 months? I can't even tell anymore. I thought if I lived through those...undead freaks I'd be okay. But I'm starving. Please won't someone find me...


6. Practice

"Here Mia, this looks like it will fit you." Jolene handed me a green sweatshirt. I thanked her and put it on. It was a little big but I didn't mind. "Ey Mia, you know how to use one of these?" Ian asked referring to a gun. I shook my head no, I mean why would I know how to use it?
"Well you're learnin' today. Come with me." He went out the back door, checking for Geeks first. I followed behind, kinda nervous. The both of us walked into the woods, a bit far from the store but it's so the Geeks don't go there. "Alright, first off don't be scared of it. It's just a thing to protect you. Now take it and we'll start." he held out the gun waiting. I hesitated but took it with both hands. "Alright good, now I want you to hit...ah here!" He picked up a bottle and set it on a tree stump.
"Aim for it, when you're ready to fire hold your breath so the gun don't shake." Ian stood back and waited. I aimed, took a deep breath, fired and missed. I screamed in the process of firing. I didn't mean too, but it scared me. "Oh right, shoulda' told ya to cover ya ears." Ian walked over and covered my ears. "Alright try again." he chuckled. I did as I was told, aimed and fired. Surprisingly I actually hit it. "Jeez you're better than I was." Ian patted my back. "Imma' put it back up and ya can fire again." He set everything back up "Again and this time-" Multiple screams rang through the air. "Fuck!" Ian went off running towards the store. I followed behind expecting the worst.
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