You're Not Alone Anymore

I've been alone for....4 months? I can't even tell anymore. I thought if I lived through those...undead freaks I'd be okay. But I'm starving. Please won't someone find me...


3. Oakwood

I know going to town wasn't my best idea, but I needed food. My stomach growled as I walked along the roadside, nearing town. It was oddly quiet, the only noises were a few birds chirping. I can't complain though, I'm actually glad for it.
As I neared town I could hear a couple of people arguing, a little to loudly. "There was a girl! I swear! She's heading towards town right now!" a male voice shouted. "Will you shut the fuck up before you bring more of those Walkers here!" a hushed voice said back.
Before I could hide and observe them, I felt a cold circle on the back of my head. "Guys! Look!"
Everyone turned to look at me, even the three children beside them. "Dude don't shoot her! She's the one I saw!" It was quiet for a few moments until a man spoke up "What's your name dear?" I hesitated but gave in "Mia...Mia Brooks.."
"You bit? Scratched?" He asked. I shook my head no, though I don't think they believed me, because a second later they pulled up my shirt. "Jesus! Look at her! Her ribs are popping out! You must be starving! Come on dear, let's get you-"
Many groans and cracks echoed through the air, though no one moved. "We have to get inside, somewhere"
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