Twisted Worlds

One day as I saw both my sisters Ariel Levy and Brittney Levy taking both a big step in their life that i, Adrie Levy and my youngest sister Alissa Levy never imagined it. i saw them entering in a new adventure going inside both Ariel and Brittney inside the Church facing face to face the Priest and God while with their fiances Justin Drew Bieber and Zayn Malik. Few minutes later


1. A beginning of a new adventure

One day as I saw both my sisters Ariel Levy and Brittney Levy both taking a big step in their life that my 3rd sibling and I Adrie Levy never imagined it. I saw them entering in a new adventure both going inside a church the Ariel and Brittney facing the priest and God while with their fiances Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik. Few minutes later I heard these simple 10 words "Do you both accept each other as wife and husband?" They both said at the same time "Yes, I accept." Then the priest said, "you may now kiss the bride if you wish." Once they kissed the priest asked them to sit down that it was Brittney's and Zayn's turn. Then Justin and Ariel sat down and looked at their side were they just saw Brit but not Zayn wasn't there 2 minutes later they heard a loud noise and it was Zayn he had went to the park to smoke some Jane and when he came inside the church he screamed, "Vas Happenin'"  and everyone in the church started laughing. Then he came face to face with Brit and the priest asked them both the same question as Ariel and Justin, " do you both accept each other as wife and husband?" They both said, "yes i accept." Then the priest said that they may now kiss. They really didn't kiss they mostly made out in public they said that they had to enjoy this moment. Then they celebrated by throwing a big party for both the brides and husbands which was a family tradition that they all wanted to follow to make their family proud. The next day Justin and Zayn Both went to the airport to go buy some plane tickets to Hawaii to spend their honeymoon there. When they came back home they bend over and told my sisters "would you go to Hawaii with me?" Then they said yes with a scream. Then I came out of the bathroom and i said, "oooh whacha got there Willis?" Zayn told me it was a ticket to Hawaii. I was happy but I wasn't invited when I thought I was. Then I did not want to be alone at home well I really wasn't alone Alissa was there too but I didn't want to stay with her so I got inside a baggage and gave them a surprise in Hawaii it was really fun and I felt bad that I left my sister alone at our house well really not a house mostly a mansion well I left her with our pets Kevin, Pancho, Sasha, and Kiko. Now Ariel and Brittney both had a different last name that Alissa and me Brittney's was Malik and Ariel's was Bieber, but my last name will change when i get older and get married with Gianni so will Alissa's last name or she might stay single. Just that Me and Alissa weren't able to get married yet because we were too young we were just able to be in a relationship. Im 12, Alissa is 15, Ariel is 20, Brittney is 19, Zayn is 22, and Justin is 21. Our parents were okay of us have a boyfriend and my sisters getting married he really didn't care he just wanted Justin and Zayn to take care of his little girls. Wait............ haven't said who our parent are William Levy you know the sexy Cuban actor yeah hes my daddy yeshh be jealous and the beautiful  Ashley Greene is our mommy. So like me and my siblings are very good looking because of out parents. Have I mentioned that we have a big bro he is 25 he has a cute name and he is also cute even if hes my brother from another mother his name is Austin Mahone his moms last name was Mahone so that's the reason he has that last name instead of Levy. Hes single he doesn't want to have kids and he said he isn't ready for a relationship. HAHA. >.<                                                                              

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