Are you still the one ?

When Harry moves cause his parents are divorced when he was 7. he forgot to say bye to chance She gets mad but he neves call Skype or text but when she turns on the tv every day she hears the name she hates . She moved on from Harry but if the met who will remember or who will fall first ?


1. Your feelings are just a piece of dirt

Chance p.o.v Today mother says I need to keep a journal . She said it will help me , she also said when I was little I wasn't popular but I had a good amount of friends but now I'm just mean and popular that I have to have it my way . I don't believe her well I kinda do but it's not my fault Harry made me feel and be like this after he moved he made me feel that he didn't need to call or text . He just cold out left , left me , left me to think I loved him or he love me well heres my story about Harry the flirt cowardly bastard So Harry and I were friends since birth both parent were best friends but then when Harry hit 7 his parents got divorced he was sad but then about 2 years later he moves so he can be closer to his step - father . So whe n he moves he said I promises I will call and Skype I said good cause then he just walk away I went home the next hour . After about 4 months with out call I just figure out he doesn't care then that's when I changed . It's ok now it's been 0 years so I'm really find well that's how it went back then . well I have to end this it's dinner . Love always<3 Chance r

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