Are you still the one ?

When Harry moves cause his parents are divorced when he was 7. he forgot to say bye to chance She gets mad but he neves call Skype or text but when she turns on the tv every day she hears the name she hates . She moved on from Harry but if the met who will remember or who will fall first ?


2. This is my game but your surprise

Harry's p.o.v

Ahh don't I have the perfect life , me , my four lads , and this very hot model she means nothing to me I only like to flirt and her body is beautiful sometimes when i kiss her a spark starts and the dies down and justs ends . Hey Harry , Simmons wants to tell us all something Lou said . Ok Lou-eeee I will be there in a minute I have to throw something on I'm kinda naked Harry said . Hahaha got that . haha very funny . What ever man it doesn't matter , I have my shorts on ready to go , hazza said .

Simmon p.o.v

These boys need to stay grounded , out of all the boys Harry needs The most . I just can't go make lies about how the poor girl riped him apart . That's why I have call to tell them my big news for them to start high school they will start and have two years there then two years at collage then there second album . Only for now I'm worried about the high school if the do good at the two years the don't need collage only high school . " hello " yes is this the big boys " yes it is " we'll boys I have bad and great news . I heard little talks then a Irish accent came on "we want bad news first " ok then you guys are moving to America " that's great that's not bad news" ok then the good news you guys are going to head back to school in America . " what that's crazy a firm British accent said ". I know just let me finish you have to do only two years but if you don't behave Harry you dont have to do two years of collage . " had to put my name in it " yes because your not staying grounded . " so are we going to an all boys school or both " both , boys and girls . " this is my game" I heard a deep British from voice say and that's when I knew Harry had some trouble to get in to and coming his way . That i can't cant get him out of . Oh no this is going to be a bumpy ride !
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