Are you still the one ?

When Harry moves cause his parents are divorced when he was 7. he forgot to say bye to chance She gets mad but he neves call Skype or text but when she turns on the tv every day she hears the name she hates . She moved on from Harry but if the met who will remember or who will fall first ?


9. The game that changes every thing !

Harry's p.o.v

Ok I have my list here

Fav band : one direction
Hated band : wanted
Fav color : orange
Middle name : Edward
Passionate kiss : no
Passionate : under the moon while raining

" Ok good here's mine "

Fav band : wanted
Hated band : one direction
Favorite color : orange
Middle name : Lilly
Passionate kiss: no
Passionate : under the moon while raining

As I started reading I stopped , you hate one direction . " Yeah You didn't know " omg zayn a going to be mad . " That I hate one direction " no , that you love the wanted ! " it's ok "

As we finished our food . We got talking passionately then she ask " what happened to that chance girl you know " . We were best friend And she's always call me har har style . " wait what I used to call my friend Harry that "! Oh we'll I used to play with him when I was 7 we both said at the same time . " Harry your my BFF " I know ! As I start to hug her all the boys run in and say Harry don't lay a finger ! What I'm not ! Arrrrrgggg ! Man beast with Four nipples !
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