Are you still the one ?

When Harry moves cause his parents are divorced when he was 7. he forgot to say bye to chance She gets mad but he neves call Skype or text but when she turns on the tv every day she hears the name she hates . She moved on from Harry but if the met who will remember or who will fall first ?


7. Getting to know both

Chance p.o.v

As we get of the road I see a big house . Niall looks at me and says " uncle sim rented it for us " oh cool Niall I say responding . As I walk in the house I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I turn around and to see its zayn . Oh hi zayn I say . " Let me show you to your room chance " Okay I say to Zayn . As me and zayn walk up the big stairwell I see all of the other boys unpacking . Then finally we stopped at my room and he opened the door for me he says get ready and unpack We are doing a campfire tonight so everybody can get comfortable with each other see you in a little bit Bye. Bye Zayn I said. As I'm almost unpacking I hear a knock at the door I say come into only see that it's Harry . Hey Harry what are you doing ! Telling you that the campfire starts right now so let's go ! Okay okay hold your horses I'm coming.

As a campfire starts we sing songs of one direction but we sings songs we all know . And we all sit down and we start to talk and laugh we start to get to know the stuff about each other. It made me laugh when Harry showed us his 4 nipples . I really don't care but I love his 6 pack it's beautiful . Then I starts so about myself , I told them that my name is chance and I was born in the UK homes Chapel . Harry got excited he starts to say oh I was born in Holmes Chapel to why didn't you even tell me . I start to say I'm well I don't know I don't give my number to strangers and stockers . After we all cover all the stuff and we told about ourselves we all started to get a little tired so we all ate pizza for dinner and went straight to bed I think today with the boys was just one of my perfect days
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