Are you still the one ?

When Harry moves cause his parents are divorced when he was 7. he forgot to say bye to chance She gets mad but he neves call Skype or text but when she turns on the tv every day she hears the name she hates . She moved on from Harry but if the met who will remember or who will fall first ?


8. Can't a girl make a best friend ?

Chances P.o.v

I start to get up as a small the morning sun filled with bacon in the air . As I get out of bed to put slippers on Then I put my hair in the messy bun as for downstairs to see Lou and Liam cooking bacon . I love the sweet smell of bacon I said laughing behind Liam's back . " hahaha I thought so , harry told me you do " how did he know ? I heard Lou smirk . How ? " he was watching your moves and what you got to eat on the plane . " what that's in--- . " Lou I told you and li li not to tell her " . Harry started chasing Lou around .

Harry p.o.v

As we were done with breakfast . I called all the boys . Hey boys I have a plan , all of you go out so me and chance can have some time alone . " oh ok " all of the boys said . As I get ready all of the boys left . As I go down stairs she starts to laugh " don't You think too much cologne " Ha ha very funny . " What are we going to do " . Let's play a game, " what game " ? You say what you like and don't and I try to repeat it . " ok no funny business " like I'll try ". Sure"!
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