Taylor's Big Break

Taylor Swift is SICK of being famous! Crazy right! Anyways, Natalie Fulmar, a shy city girl, can't stand Taylor Swift. All that is about to change when she swaps lives with Taylor. In all this craziness, Aiden Casher, a well-noted journalist will uncover Taylor's deepest secrets. Will the girls be okay with the life swap, or will Aiden ruin Taylor's career,


6. Therapy

          So today, Taylor hooked me up with what was "supposedly" the best therapist in all of New York. I really didn't know how this was going to end. I doubt that she could cure my shyness. It seems impossible. I don't think that you can just change the way people think. A few of Taylor's bodyguards escorted me in. I just kept an open mind about this, and let the therapist do her job.

          "Welcome, you must be Natalie. Taylor already told me your issue, so you don't have to explain it. All I want you to do is answer my questions and talk through it with me. Okay?" I sat down.

          The therapist started asking basic questions at first, then it got a little more personal. I wonder if Taylor hates the personal questions too. She wanted me lay back and relax on the faux leather chair, which by the way was really, really cold. I did as I was told and closed my eyes. I had to imagine myself in front of a big crowd. Then she told me to pretend like I was untouchable. I had the power to control the crowd. I suddenly opened my eyes and my heart raced.

          "Are you okay sweetie?" She asked. I shook my head. "Well maybe we need to see what's triggering your fear. Have you ever stood in front of a crowd before?"

          "One time, in 3rd grade, I was in the Mother's Day play. I had to say a few lines for the mothers. I got up in the middle of the stage and I started crying. Everyone laughed at me and I was so embarrassed. From that day on, I have be scarred by that experience."

          The therapist decided to work off that. She asked more questions that dealt with that experience. Somehow, she convinced me to take away that fear. Then, she tried the experiment from earlier when I was in front of the crowd. I got through it, and I no longer had that terrible fear. I thanked her, and the bodyguards escorted me out.



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