Taylor's Big Break

Taylor Swift is SICK of being famous! Crazy right! Anyways, Natalie Fulmar, a shy city girl, can't stand Taylor Swift. All that is about to change when she swaps lives with Taylor. In all this craziness, Aiden Casher, a well-noted journalist will uncover Taylor's deepest secrets. Will the girls be okay with the life swap, or will Aiden ruin Taylor's career,


7. The First Morning (Taylor)

Taylor's POV


          "Natalie, get up! It's Monday! Time for school." Wait, is this a dream. I don't remember having to go to school or having a sister named Natalie. I turned back over in the bed.

          "Natalie Allison! Come in here now!" Then it hit me. I guess when I heard my middle name and Natalie's first name come together, I came to my senses. I quickly jumped up out of bed and opened up the closet to get some clothes. I searched and searched, but nothing seemed to jump out. This Natalie girl has a terrible sense of style.

          Then I saw it. A red dress with a pearl necklace was neatly folded up in a plastic bag. I'm guessing that this is her best that she has. I slipped it on and found a stilettos that matched the dress. I had brought one of my purses with me and added that.

          When I changed, I found my way into the kitchen, which by the way was really hard. Their home was like a labyrinth.

          "Well you looked dolled up today. What's going on?"

          "Oh nothing, I just wanted to dress to impress. Gotta look my best" She delivered another puzzled look to me.

          "Okay then. You better hurry and eat, because the bus is coming in 10 minutes."

          "Okay mom."


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