Taylor's Big Break

Taylor Swift is SICK of being famous! Crazy right! Anyways, Natalie Fulmar, a shy city girl, can't stand Taylor Swift. All that is about to change when she swaps lives with Taylor. In all this craziness, Aiden Casher, a well-noted journalist will uncover Taylor's deepest secrets. Will the girls be okay with the life swap, or will Aiden ruin Taylor's career,


9. The First Morning (Natalie)

     Natalie's POV

     "Ahhh, what a wonderful sleep I had." I awoke inside of Taylor's tour bus. I haven't slept like that in ages. Most. Comfortable. Bed. Ever. I changed out of my pajamas and into some comfortable clothes that I packed.

     I went into an eating area on the tour bus, when someone offered me breakfast. It was an omelet with steamy bacon. On the side, I had a biscuit smothered in gravy. Mmmm. This day had started out beautifully. How could it get any better?

     After I finished breakfast I got on Taylor's IPhone and checked Twitter. Wow I had no clue that this many people wanted to talk to Taylor. I spent the rest of the morning responding to all of them. I hope that I made their day like mine was made. I don't see why Taylor can't do this all of the time.

     Then I saw a text message go through. The contact was Taylor's agent. "What's going on? I told you that you can't tweet everybody. They aren't your friends. Don't let them think that you give in so easily. Make them want you." Yep, that's exactly what it said. He sure has some nerve. I got off Twitter. Geez. I'll just stay off of the social networking then. I decided to play Subway Surfers until I got bored.

     "Taylor, why aren't you writing song lyrics?" The bus driver asked.

     "Excuse me?" Was I supposed to? Oops

     "Remember what your agent said. He wants you to make a new album soon. He also said that if I didn't keep you writing them, then he would cut me off too, and I need this job." Wow poor Taylor. I thought that she was just a fake. I'm going to write lyrics though. They are going to be way better than what she writes. I hope that she doesn't mind though. I just want her to start creating new music like other bands.

     I grabbed the nearest pencil and Taylor's notepad. This is going to be amazing.

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