Taylor's Big Break

Taylor Swift is SICK of being famous! Crazy right! Anyways, Natalie Fulmar, a shy city girl, can't stand Taylor Swift. All that is about to change when she swaps lives with Taylor. In all this craziness, Aiden Casher, a well-noted journalist will uncover Taylor's deepest secrets. Will the girls be okay with the life swap, or will Aiden ruin Taylor's career,


8. School

          The bus pulled up with a loud screech. I had trouble getting up the steps because of my apparel. I quickly grabbed the first seat so that I wouldn't have to walk over the legs of various high-schoolers. No one sat by me at first until we got to one of our last stops.

          "Hey Natalie, what's up?"

          "Oh nothing much. Wait what's your name again?"

          "Oh my goodness, are you okay? It's Chelsea, duh."

          "No, I mean your middle name silly."

          "Oh, that makes way more sense. It's Karen, remember. Anyways, what did those people who took you at the concert do to you?"

          "Um well, they were...friends...friends of my mom of course...and they...they wanted too...take me to see my uncle it the hospital." That was so hard to get out. I'm not used to lying. I wonder if Natalie has to lie all the time.

           "Oh okaaay then. So did you hear was Beasley said to Tristan?"

           "Ummm, no I haven't." How was I supposed to know a Tristan or a Beasley. The school bus had stopped again and everyone got out in no official way. It was like someone threw a banana outside of the school and they were monkeys chasing it.

          "Hey, I'll tell you at lunch. And what's with the dress?" Before I could reply, some kid cat whistled me. I just ignored him though. I know that I'm sexy already. I got off the bus and was confused about everything. Which class do I go to first? Where are my classes? I guess this isn't as bad as being famous though. Poor Natalie, she must be far worse than me.

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