Taylor's Big Break

Taylor Swift is SICK of being famous! Crazy right! Anyways, Natalie Fulmar, a shy city girl, can't stand Taylor Swift. All that is about to change when she swaps lives with Taylor. In all this craziness, Aiden Casher, a well-noted journalist will uncover Taylor's deepest secrets. Will the girls be okay with the life swap, or will Aiden ruin Taylor's career,


1. Issues with Taylor

"We are never ever getting back together"

          This is the first song that was played at our school's dance. I HATE Taylor Swift! I don't know why, but  her voice sounds like nails scratching a chalkboard. I just stood on the outskirts of the gym while everyone danced their heart out. It's not the best thing to be the shy girl especially when you got the talent of singing.


          I have tried out for the school musical before, but when I got on the stage, nothing came out of my "vocal cords of gold." The drama teacher said that I need to keep trying and practicing at home, but it feels like my fear will never be overcame.


          Anyways, back to Taylor Swift. During free period, we can bring out IPods and play on them. So there's the pops (that's short for the popular girls that everyone seems to adore), the wanna-bes,the  girls who think that drama is for chumps(even though they're the main one causing drama), and there's me. The pops, whose parents are like super rich, have all the "I" devices. They start out with "I Knew You Were Trouble." Everyone loves it, even the teacher. Then they all start singing together like a random High School Musical flash mob. It's so annoying! I would speak up and try to get them to stop but I'm afraid of what they would say back.


          The bell signifying the end of school rang. Everyone rushed out of their classrooms forming a giant stampede of juvenile teens. Me, forming the end of the stampede as always, trudged to my bus. See, I live in the brownstones of New York which is, just my luck, one of the bus's last stops.  My mom doesn't get home from work until 5:00 and my dad gets home at around 7:00ish. That makes me a latchkey child.


          For the next two hours, it's just me, my game shows, and my dog Biscuit. I turn on the T.V. and I see that someone has solved a puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune." The theme was artist, and guess who the answer was. Taylor Swift. Biscuit barked at his dog bowl. Reluctantly, I get up and pour him a nice bowl of "Kibbles and Bits." Yum.


          I am shy, but at least I do have one friend. Chelsea Greene. She's not a nobody, but also not popular. She's just in the middle of the popularity ladder. She's the kind of girl you want to call when "Baggage" is on. I pick up the phone and dial her number. 


    Hey Chelsea


    Hey girlie! What's up?


    Oh nothing much, just converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.


    You are way too funny! But seriously, did you see how Mr. Vermeer responded to Hallie when she fell asleep. That man overreacts way too much. He needs to lay off the Haterade and take a chill pill.


    Totally! That man has way too much 'tude to be 5'2". Wait, what's that noise in the background?


    It's Taylor Swift, duh!




    Maybe you're the one who needs a chill pill. Everyone loves Tay Tay.


    You and the other 7 billion people do, but not me. I don't hate her, just her voice. But hey, I gotta go. Talk to ya later?


    Sure. Bye!


     Wow, I do need to calm down more when I hear Taylor Swift. She's not a bad person at all. I love Taylor, when her mouth is closed. But I would give anything to have her life. She has the fame and fortune, and everyone loves her. I'm just stuck here in a big city and can't get my big start. I really need to learn how to be less shy. That's the only uncrossable bridge.





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