Back For You {Sequel to Summer Love}

Sequel.....Amanda and Harry have been separated for about 10 months now. Amanda has an audition to be a back up dance for a band, but she doesn't know what band yet. Will she make the cut? Will her and Harry meet up again? Find out in Back For You.


12. Wattpad!!

I just thought I would let you know. I'm going to put this story on Wattpad and update it there. My name on Wattpad is haroldscurls09

If you would rather me update on here just comment below and let me know. If I can when I update it on wattpad, I will on here too. 

Sorry for the inconvenience but it's a lot easier on me for my other stories on wattpad. I will probably be putting all of my stories on this website onto wattpad, so check them out. Sorry again and sorry I haven't update soon. I will hopefully have an update for all of my stories by the weekend. I'm going to my schools football game and THIS IS US!!!!! AHHHH! I'm just freaking out about going to the movie! 

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